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Bachelor Party Ideas for a Killer Stag Do

Ah stag do’s, a time to say farewell to a friend who is about to get hitched while giving all of his mates an excuse to behave a little badly.

Bachelor Party Ideas

There are few days in a man’s life that can equate to this auspicious day; when his friends can thank him for all of the happy memories, and can send him off into a life of family servitude and good behavior.

Pulling off the perfect bachelor’s party can be done easily with no small amount of planning and financing, and there are so many ways to enjoy yourself during these occasions that it can be overwhelming trying to plan for activities that appeal to everyone present at the party.

Fortunately, we have you covered with a list of some of the most entertaining bachelor party ideas on the internet to give you and your closest mates the time of their lives before seeing your friends off into a life of paternal servitude.

The Best Bachelor Party Ideas

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Weather dependent, there are few better ways of celebrating a mate getting hitched than by getting away from it all for a weekend, and getting a little sunshine and beer in you.

Even if it’s just for a day and the evening, heading towards an adventure park with ATVs and outdoor activities can be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

The best thing about these types of activities is that they still leave a lot of room for something to do before and afterwards.

Which also allows you to cater for those who cannot get away for a whole weekend, or for one reason or another cannot participate in physical activity but would still like to celebrate with the groom to be. Planning a party for a group of friends can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. If you're looking to make things easier on yourself there are plenty of options for entertaining your guests, and you won't have to worry about making a mess in your house. And if you want to impress your friends, why not throw a pool party? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Set up some beach chairs or lounge chairs around the pool so your guests can relax in the sun.
  • Invest in a custom floating cooler for your pool, so that there is no need to leave the water for grabbing another drink.
  • Serve light snacks and refreshments that won't weigh your guests down. Think fruits, vegetables, and finger foods.
  • Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen on hand, as well as towels for when your guests are ready to dry off.
  • Complete the day with a movie evening. Choose a movie that will be a pleasure to watch together in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

With these tips in mind, you're sure to throw an outdoor party that your friends will remember for years to come.

Shoot the crap out of each other (Paintball, Airsoft, Etc...)

I’ve been to a few bachelor’s that exercise the age-old tradition of shooting each other with non-lethal weapons; and each time seems to be more fun than the last.

Whether its Black Ops, laser tag or paintball, getting out there for a bit of competitive mayhem is a fan favorite at bachelor parties, and is also a fairly affordable activity for everyone involved.

It is a great team activity that can be enjoyed by large parties with drinks before and after, and also offers the additional benefit of shooting the hell out of the bachelor.

Take it to a circuit

A great way to celebrate with your friends is to engage in a little fast-paced action and a little competitive racing. Whether off-road, on an ATV or in a 4x4 playground, the tradition of going as fast as you can on a various-number-wheeled death-trap never gets old.

Okay perhaps I’m not overselling the safety aspect here, but with even the smallest amount of caution, it would be just dangerous enough to be even more fun.

Take care though to never mix alcohol with heavy, fast moving machinery. The results seldom end well when the two are combined, especially on a racing track.

Throw him off of something

There is something to be said about the need to make the groom-to-be suffer a little indignity on the day of his bachelor’s party. And what better way to do that than to put the fear of Newton into him and watching him plummet from a great height.

Take him bungee-jumping, ab-sailing or any other discomfortingly high activity you can think of. And the best part is, that since you’re not the bachelor, you can watch it all unfold from the safety of solid ground.

Depending on how long he and you plan on hanging around after the jump; this can also be a relatively quick activity, which leaves time for many others.

Get down with the games

Games have been helping socially disconnected people interact since the dawn of man, but more importantly, it gives hot-blooded young men an excuse to drink competitively.

There must be an infinite amount of imaginative and enjoyable games that could keep you and your fellow party-members busy and sozzled until the strippers arrive.

There must be an infinite amount of imaginative and enjoyable games that could keep you and your fellow party-members busy and sozzled until the strippers arrive.

Setting up games can be a little tricky since not everyone at your party will be overly excited to play them. Some of your guests might have little to no confidence in their motor skills, while others simply don’t want to drink that hard.

So be flexible with your expectations, and allow your guests the freedom to opt out of any drinking games you plan on playing.

Remember as well that the goal is not to get your bachelor as drunk as you can in as little time as possible. If he crashes early, then you’ll end up celebrating without him.

Do you need strippers?

bachelor party ideas

It can often seem unthinkable to not have strippers at a bachelor’s party, as though there is a problem with him having to look at the same pare of breast for the rest of his life. But try to remember that he has made the decision to take only one woman for a reason.

Always make sure that it is okay with the bachelor before arranging to have strippers come to the party, since the implications of his bachelors evening could have profound effects on the rest of his married life.

Furthermore, not having strippers will save you and your buddies a whole ton of money to spend on other activities.

Having said that, if the occasion calls for strippers and you know your bachelor is expecting them, get ready to pay for what you get.

Paint the town with Bar Crawls

Marriage is a massive and difficult responsibility, and when entering into it, one must first crawl before they can learn to walk.

Why save all of your celebration for one particular location that only offers one range of drinks, songs and social mixtures when you could dress your bachelor up in an exceedingly shameful outfit and parade him from bar to bar, refreshing your party of jolly followers along the way?

Pub-crawling is a favored method of celebration amongst party-goers all over the world because it is a great way to keep energies high, bills low, and the drinks flowing freely.

Also, because of the zeal that a bachelor’s party brings to one’s behavior and drinking habits, it is probably worth your time, and everyone else’s around you, if you carry your destruction along with you as you move on to the next party.

It might be tough, but try to be nice

Some sort of prank or enforced discomfort on the bachelor is almost as expected as having him get married once the party is over, which calls to mind a friend’s bachelors I attended years ago:

After a particularly heavy night, the groom-to-be woke up in a bus station in a city, two hours away from where the venue had been; with a cast on his leg.

Fortunately, he had time to get his bearings and make it home before the wedding which was only happening in a weeks’ time. Still, he had injured his leg and the cast was fresh, only due to come off some time from then, which means he would have to rock the cast throughout the wedding.

The wedding day arrived and went, and it was beautiful; and the married couple made for Mauritius for their honeymoon; a time which they had enjoyed despite the newly wedded groom having a cast on his leg.

They came home, a few weeks went by and my mate eventually went to see a doctor about his leg. It turns out that there was nothing wrong with it. Apparently once he had passed out, our friends devised a rather long running practical joke to be played on him; both he and his wife stopped talking to us for months. And while it was funny, it got him and us into a lot of trouble.

So, by all mean, play a prank or dress him up: but take care to not take the jokes too far. Remember, you are celebrating as friends, not enemies

In conclusion

This is an exciting time for your friend who is getting hitched, as well as for your circle of friends, which makes a bachelor’s party an excellent opportunity to thank him for the enjoyment he has brought into your life, before seeing him off into a lifetime of being a family man. So, enjoy yourselves as much as you can, don’t feel like you are losing a friend to marriage, but rather that you are all entering into the next chapter of your lives together.

So, have fun, keep safe (and if you are a groomsman it is your job to protect him from harm or stupid decisions), and get each other into all kinds of trouble.

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