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Top Careers Men Choose After Graduate School 2024

Many ask themselves questions like: How do I pay for college? How many credits do you need to graduate? Or even: How do I start looking for a job after grad school? These are all important questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to acquire an education and then establish your career. But, before you can even think about starting a job — or starting school, for the matter — first you need to think about what you want your graduate degree to be.

Top Careers Men Choose

Although there’s always the possibility of chasing your dreams and following your passions, it might also be a good idea to go where the money is in today’s economic climate.

If you’re still trying to decide on a career to go into, this list of the top careers men choose after grad school might help you make up your mind.

1. Medicine – Physicians and Surgeons

National Average Pay: $208,000 per year

Job Description: There’s always a demand for more physicians and surgeons, especially in today’s world. But, studying to become a physician or surgeon is undoubtedly quite a commitment since you have to invest a lot of time into your education and specialization. You also have to pay for med school, which often costs an arm and a leg. However, once you get started on your career, you may find that the medical field can usually pay well and be quite fulfilling. Although a career in medicine is almost always full of stress, this field remains one of the highest paying in 2021.

2. Lawyers

National Average Pay: $126,930 per year

Job Description: Lawyers represent and advise their clients, whether individuals, businesses of any size, or government agencies. There are many different fields of law, and often the salary you earn will depend on which area you choose to go into. Studying to become a lawyer usually costs just as much time and money as going into medicine, though going into law may also open doors to other opportunities, such as working in government.

3. Top Executives

National Average Pay: $107,680 per year

Job Description: Becoming a top executive for a business or organization doesn’t always require grad school, but it’s still one of the top careers men choose after finishing their graduate education. Top executives help businesses and organizations by planning policies and strategies to help make sure that goals are met. Executives often live busy lives with irregular schedules, but often the payoff is quite worth it.

The highest level of executives, chief executives, often make more on average. In 2020, the average annual wage was $185,950.

4. Software Developers

National Average Pay: $110,140 per year

Job Description: Going into software development doesn’t often require grad school, but having a graduate education may help you secure employment in a competitive field. Software development is a field that continues to grow much faster than the national average rate. It’s projected to grow by roughly 22% until 2030, more than three times the average of 7% growth. Software developers work on computer programs or apps, designing and building them into a fully realized product.

5. Computer Scientists

National Average Pay: $126,830 per year

Job Description: To become a computer scientist or information research scientist, you’ll likely need at least a master’s degree. Information research scientists and computer scientists design and innovate uses for existing computing technology — and new technology. Like software development, this field is projected to grow 22% until 2030, which means now is a great time to get into the area.

6. Pharmacists

National Average Pay: $128,710 per year

Job Description: Becoming a pharmacist requires having a professional degree or a doctorate. It’s a significant time investment, but if you manage to secure a good job after finishing your studies, you can make a good living. Pharmacists are experts in safe prescription usage, and they can often offer advice to patients and customers seeking to fill their scripts. Pharmacists also dispense prescription medication. They work in pharmacies, whether in grocery stores, drug stores, or general merchandise stores. Pharmacists also work in healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Although the job outlook is somewhat grim, with a -2% growth projection to 2030, there are 11,300 projected job openings in the field every year.

Choose a Career You’d Enjoy

Although chasing the money may be a smart decision that can help set you up for a comfortable life, it’s still important to choose a career you’ll enjoy. Since adults spend a third of their lives working on average, it’s important to find a field you can at least tolerate so you won’t dread working every day. Also, remember that you can make a change later in life if you want to try a different track!

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.