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Playtime Meets Enduring Design – Introducing The MMX Blackout Crossbow

Are you a practical joker looking for fun way to prank your friends and colleagues? Rediscover your inner child with the MMX Blackout.

Combining the projectile power of a crossbow with the childhood nostalgia of – wait for it- marshmallows, the MMX Blackout injects fun into any situation.

MMX Blackout Crossbow

The MMX Blackout is the latest in lovingly crafted toys for the joking man. Handcrafted in Canada, with a premium all-black finishing, this stylish gadget stands heads and shoulders above the mass-produced, battery-operated toys on the market. With the power to launch a marshmallow over 60 ft, the MMX Blackout lets you start an instant food fight in your backyard, living room, or office.

With so many fun features, the MMX Blackout is a truly unique toy for all ages.

Key Features of MMX Blackout:

  • Discover a toy that matches the sophistication of your home. The MMX Blackout is constructed from wood and anodized aluminum components, delivering evergreen design and style
  • Strong enough to rustle a few feathers, and safe enough to be used by all ages, the MMX Blackout is perfect toy to at your next barbeque, get together, or party
  • Add a visual delight into playtime, adding cornstarch to any marshmallow for a satisfying cool puff smoke while firing the MMX Blackout

Life’s too short to live without some whimsical fun! Pack a punch of levity into your life with the MMX Blackout.

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Written by Mark Greene

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