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4 Common Myths About Car Ownership that Should be Dispelled Right Away

Car Ownership Myths

A car is a very important purchase, and yet, so many people are completely ignorant about them. Even people who believe they know about cars perpetuate myths that could end up costing them a lot of money, or worse. If you’ve just bought a vehicle, or are about to buy one, you must dispel those myths immediately as they may end up hurting your vehicle. You could also make bad decisions as a result. Here are some of the most common myths about car ownership.

Bigger Vehicles are Safer

A lot of people feel safer when they are in a bigger vehicle and many believe that they are. While smaller cars can provide less protection, bigger vehicles are not necessarily safe. You’d be surprised to see how many big vehicles do very poorly in safety ratings. This is the only thing you should worry about when picking a vehicle for safety.

You should also know that protection against collisions is not the only thing that makes a car safe. Maneuverability is also important. This is why a coupe could score much higher than a large or mid-size SUV. Not to mention that many large SUVs and minivans have a higher base, which makes them less stable.

Car Cleaning Myths

A lot of myths surrounding cars have to do with cleaning. One of the biggest is that automatic car washes will ruin your paint. That’s only true if you pick the wrong kind and use them too often. The most important thing is staying away from any car wash that uses big brushes. These can not only cause direct damage to your paint, but they can also shoot out debris that will cause additional damage.

Know that hand washing is usually better if you know how to do it, but if you want the best of both worlds, book yourself in for a car wash with Sundance Carwash. They offer a choice between a water jet automatic car wash or a handwashing bay. They also offer all sorts of settings and can provide a gentler or tougher wash depending on how dirty the car is and how much you want to preserve the paint.

Buying is Always Better Than Leasing

This is one of the most pervasive myths about car ownership. So many car owners have this aversion to leasing and think that it’s always a bad deal no matter how you look at it. But in reality, it all depends on the individual and the type of car they want.

Some people may simply want to be able to drive a new or almost car every two years without having to worry about unloading it. People who believe you absolutely should own one usually assume that their car will still have a good residual value at the end of its life, but there’s no way to guarantee that.

Some vehicles or companies suddenly fall out of favor with the public. That means that you will not only have trouble selling the car, but its value will decrease much faster than you expected. You also don’t know what state the vehicle will be in when you decide to sell it. When you bought the vehicle will make a big difference as well. Some people buy a used car when it’s depreciating at its highest rate and lose a lot of value like that. 

When leasing a vehicle, the company you lease it from will be in charge of looking after it. You’ll likely be able to afford a much better car – and a safer one too since it will have all the latest safety features. This makes it a great choice for convenience, but also great if you don’t have the money for the car of your dreams yet. 

The Kind of Fuel You Put in It Makes no Difference

When it comes to fuel, you have people who think that premium fuel is a scam while others think that it automatically equates with higher performance. Both of these views are wrong.

Yes, premium fuel is better for performance, but only if your vehicle is meant to run on it. If your vehicle is supposed to run on regular fuel, you might be hurting it by using high octane fuel. However, if you have a high-performance vehicle, premium oil is a must. It will not only allow your vehicle to run better, but it will keep your motor cleaner and can lead to better fuel efficiency. This means fewer costs in the long run and less damage to the environment.

Now that some of the most well-known myths about car ownership have been dispelled, you’ll be able to make sounder decisions when buying and caring for a vehicle. If you hear anything floating around, make sure that you substantiate those claims with real facts.

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Written by Mark Greene

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