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5 Things to Look for in a Car Shipping Company

Deciding to ship your car to your new home or a vacation spot is a practical way to move your car. Driving your vehicle from point A to point B could lead to unpredictable costs and mishaps on the road. Choosing the right car shipping company can result in a smooth car transport experience. Below are five basic things to look for in a reputable car shipping company.

Car Shipping

1. Has Credibility

The most valuable source of a car shipping company’s level of performance is customer feedback. Reading about the opinions of past and current customers like those in Sherpa Auto Transport reviews can provide good insight about the shipper. These reviews can tell you how the company conducts its business. They also reveal if the transport company cares about each vehicle it handles. 

You can read the reviews from the company’s website and Google reviews. Asking your relatives, co-workers, or friends can also provide insight into which company you could check out. Any one of them could have had a good experience with a car shipping company in the past. Absorbing valuable thoughts about these auto transport companies can help you decide which one is for you. Having a credible shipper handle your vehicle will make your moving experience less taxing.

2. Has Experience

Some car shipping companies do not have enough experience in handling vehicles. This often shows in the damage in the vehicles they handle. It may be due to a lack of high-quality straps or letting chains dangle beside cars. Either can result in scratches to the secured car or the neighboring vehicle. 

Other shippers lack the standards when it comes to inspections and rules. They could allow clients to keep personal belongings in the car. This could lead to item confiscation or car damage from the items inside the car. A reputable shipper will only load and transport a car if it is clean and empty.

Finding an auto shipping company with years of exposure to the business means finding people who know what they are doing. Experience in this industry elevates the company’s efficiency. Finding a seasoned shipper will have people who know how to load, strap in, and unload vehicles like clockwork. They know how to secure cars to the transport vehicle.

3. Does Not Ask for a Large Deposit

Being wary of shippers that pop up and offer their services could save you thousands of dollars. These companies may offer less expensive auto transport services, but they tend to ask for a large deposit. Credible car shipping companies do not ask for any deposit before the transport vehicle arrives. The shipper would only ask for the payment upon your car’s pick up or drop off. Small shippers may ask for a small deposit. This can prevent the customer from canceling the transaction at the very last minute.

4. Can Provide Proper Insurance

The last thing you need is to receive your vehicle dented and scratched from its shipping and find out that the shipper will not cover the repairs. Asking for a certificate of insurance before signing the contract will provide you with peace of mind. This document will give you the power to file a claim for insurance coverage in case your car arrives with damages. It should contain coverage for the cargo, liability, and workers comp. Verifying this before signing the contract and asking all the questions you want can help set the agreement.

5. Provides Guidance 

Providing quality service means guiding the customers in preparing the vehicle and the necessary documents. Removing personal belongings from inside the car is also necessary. Bringing your vehicle to your trusted mechanic is also a requirement. Doing so will tell the inspector that the car is in top condition before shipping. Taking pictures of the car’s different sections will serve as proof of the initial inspection. This will serve as a reference for any insurance repair claim when the car arrives at its destination. 

A Car Shipping Company Must Make Your Car Transport Experience as Pleasant as Possible

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