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10 Best Male Sex Toys That Are Lightyears Better Than A Hand

Here at Men’s Axis we understand the importance of a healthy sex life and relationships. It’s an essential part of being a man. It’s why we’ve shown you how ​to get laid like a true playboy and ​how to get laid on Tinder.

But sometimes life isn’t always so easy. Maybe you aren’t in a position right now to meet new women. Or even if you do have a pretty girl you’re seeing, it’s always good to have some ‘alone’ time.

Let’s be honest though, masturbation can get boring. A lot of guys resort to porn to get this new fix, but it’s not entirely necessary. Instead, there are a number of toys out there to enhance your experience.

best male sex toys

​Yes, It’s Okay to Use Sex Toys!

A lot of guys would never consider using a sex toy because ‘it’s gay’ or some other lame excuse. This is an ingrained part of the male psyche, and won’t be going away anytime soon, but there’s really no good reason to think this way.

For one, it’s just understanding basic anatomy. Men can orgasm through three different routes: The frenulum, perineum, and the prostate gland. Rarely do men stimulate anything other than the frenulum, which is tissue on the glans of the penis.

Some even say that stimulating the prostate gland produces the most powerful orgasm of all. Why should men miss out on that?

And two, your sexual kinks and desires have no bearing on your actual sexual orientation. Even if you want to play around in some non-tradtional places, if you’re still attracted to women you’re straight—simple as that!

Also, think about all the women that use sex toys. They understand that sex toys are great for solo use, and even with a partner!

Choosing Your Sex Toys:

The 21st century has been filled with some amazing technological innovations. That applies to sex toys too. Traditional masturbation is so 20th century.

Today, companies have created vibrating cock rings, masturbation machines, and realistic flesh that simulates a vagina. How can you beat that?

So put your reservations aside. Start thinking with a more open mind and enjoy what the world of male sex toys has to offer.

To make your job easier, we’ve compiled the ten best male sex toys on the market for your pleasure.

Best Male Sex Toys That Are Lightyears Better Than A Hand

Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal


You’re probably familiar with Sasha Grey. She’s one of the Adult Film Industry’s most recognizable name producing tons of content over the years. Sleeping with Sasha has been the fantasy of millions of men, and now you can bring a little bit of her right to your bedroom.

The Deep Throat Pocket Pal is a synthetic pocket masturbator designed to mimic the feeling of oral sex. This pocket masturbator comes with a bottle of premium lube, so add it to the toy and you’re good to go.

The product is ribbed on the inside, in addition to having suction power, which provides you with extra pleasure while enjoying the toy. Plus, it’s super soft and the skin on the outside is designed to be as realistic as possible, similar to the well-known Cyber Skin product.

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AutoBlow 2

One of the reasons men love blowjobs so much is because it allows us to lie back, relax, and let our eyes roll back into our head while the lady does all work. While masturbation isn’t much of a chore, nor is using a toy like the Sasha Grey Pocket Pal, it’s nice to not have to any work.

The AutoBlow2 has truly taken sex toys to a new level. Men can put the device on and let the product go to work, realistically simulating the experiences you would feel with a real blowjob.

The great thing about the AutoBlow is that it is customizable to fit your needs. You can control the speed of the device, to adjust it for what kind of mood you’re in. It also comes with different sleeves, for a more accurate fit. This is not only awesome for pleasure, but it makes cleanup so much easier.

To get the most out of the AutoBlow 2, you should use a water-based lubricant. It’s also probably a good idea to use a sex toy cleaner to guarantee the sleeves are thoroughly clean after each use.​

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Fleshlight Pink Lady

The Fleshlight is perhaps the most popular male sex toy out there. It put sex toys for men on the map with a reliable and efficient pocket pussy that mimics the feeling of sex darn well.

Traditionally, the idea of using a ‘pocket vagina’ was thought to be pathetic and creepy. It didn’t help that these devices were poorly made and unhygienic. When the Fleshlight came around, things changed.

If you’re not familiar with the Fleshlight brand, the product is designed like a flashlight, though when you unscrew the bottom, a fleshy, synthetic pussy is revealed. Lube up and put the toy on for a wonderful experience.

There are a few different types of Fleshlights, but for your first Fleshlight we recommend the Pink Lady. There are a number of sweet features with the Pink Lady. Of course, the pleasure is the most significant, with a unique sucking sensation to stimulate all your glans, along with the realistic fleshy feel on the inside.

The Pink Lady is also compact and efficient for traveling. So there’s no reason you can’t enjoy this toy on the go!​

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Je Joue didn’t invent the vibrating cock ring, but they’ve certainly taken it to a new level. Mio is by far the best of the bunch. Just looking at it you can tell it is above the poor quality of most of its ‘competitors’.

The Mio is 100% silicone and will adapt to your size comfortably. Once on, you can set the ring to 5 (yes 5!) different levels of vibration. There’s even a ‘rumbling’ sensation which is sure to get your rocks off.

The Mio can be used both solo and for couples, and will make a good clitoral vibrator when getting it on with the ladies.​

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Triple Erection System

Penis rings are devices that are designed to help you give you harder, longer lasting erections. It can be used with a partner, or for personal experiences.

It’s for this reasons that penis rings are more than just toys, but can be considered tools as well as they can enhance your performance. Rings are easy to use and are sure to help out in troubling situations.

We like the Triple Erection System at Adam&Eve. This set comes with three different rings of varying tightness. AN interesting feature of these rings is that you can use them one at a time, altogether, or a combination of two.​

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LELO BILLY Gentleman’s G-Spot Massager

Most guys would immediately dismiss the idea of using a prostate massager. “That’s gay,” they’ll say. But what would they say when they found out that a prostate massager can give them the best orgasm of their life?

The fact of the matter is that you can’t deny anatomy. Men are equipped with their own ‘G-Spot’ like women, except it’s located at the prostate. And the only way to reach this is through the backdoor.

The Gentleman’s G-Spot Massager is perfect for men who want to explore this sensation. It has a sleek, perfectly structured design to offer nothing but pleasure. Plus, this design is highly discreet, so you won’t have to worry about making any uncomfortable descriptions.

The massager offers 5 different settings in terms of vibrations and stimulation. And the charge lasts for 4 hours, so you won’t have to worry about it running out anytime soon.​

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Vice Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager by Aneros

Aneros is one of the top names in sex toys, and yes, that means a lot. It means you’re guaranteed a well-designed, stimulating product. The Vice Prostate Massager is just that.

The Vice Massager is structured to give you pleasure from top to bottom, and the vibrating aspect is just icing on top. The vibrator is removable, but much more enjoyable when in use.​

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Tenga Flip Hole

The Tenga Flip Hole is one of the most advanced sex toys out there. It offers a similar experience to the fleshlight, but has a few unique features.

One of the most sought after is the cleaning aspect, something that is highly sought after in this market. The Flip Hole, flips open (hence its name) for easy cleaning after each use.

The inside is also pleasurable; with a silicone lining that offers stimulation and suction. Plus, every model comes with a control pad on top to tailor it to your every desire.​

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Tenga Egg

Take one look at the Tenga Egg, and you’ll be scratching your head as to how it works. This unique design is one of the features that make the Tenga such a cool toy.

It works like this: Crack the egg open, like you would a hard-boiled egg. It’ll reveal a silicone sleeve, which you then place over your manhood. You know the rest…

Also, we recommend the six pack of eggs because there are a variety of them to choose from to find out which one you like the best.

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Mangasm Life-Sized Jessica Sanders Realistic Vagina – 7 Pound Fake Pussy

To round out the list, we included a life-sized vagina replica. This is as realistic as an artificial pussy can come, as it is more than just a fleshlight, but contains the rear end and hips to give yourself the feeling of actually having sex. This also means it’s built to last, giving you years of enjoyment.

​If you don’t have a woman handy, this will do the trick.

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If you don’t know where to find good male sex toys, you can find lists of the best sex shops in each of the mains cities of you country.

If you are looking for adult shops in the USA, check out Maxiwand.If you are in the UK, check out Finderr.If you live in Canada, also check out the Canadian version of Finderr.And last but not least, if you live in Australia, check out Oz Finder.

Wrap up

We’ve just covered a wide range of modern sex toys. There’s definitely something for every guy out there.

Another great thing about using sex toys is that you can explore your own pleasures, and then transfer that over to the bedroom to tell your partners what you really enjoy. Whether this is the way you stimulate your shaft, to trying a bit of anal play, that’s up to you.

But the only way to truly take your sex and relationships to the next level, is to be completely open to these things in the first place. And finally, we know these toys are going to be amazing, but don’t forget about real women!

Check out the links we provided earlier about getting laid, both on Tinder and in the real world.

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