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11 Best Sex Toys For Couples

There are a million and one good reasons why people love being with other people. One of those reasons will come as no surprise to anyone – sex! For lots of couples, sex involved sex toys. That’s just a fact! Many couples (more than you might think, actually) use, have used, or are interested in using sex toys together.

Best Sex Toys

Now, no one is saying that you have to use a sex toy with a partner. Not at all. If you’re not into it, you’re not into it. You do you, as they say. However, the simple truth it that, for some couples, sex toys are a way to connect, to explore and to revitialize their sexual routine. It makes sense! Sex is all about pleasure, both giving and receving. For some people, sex toys simply make pleasure-seeking more exciting, easier, or more enjoyable.

There are all kinds of couples, queer, straight, fluid, monogamous, ethically non-monogamous etc, and just as many ways for the people in those couples to play wth sex toys, together, or apart. Here, we’re looking into eleven top sex toys for couples, in no particular order. Keep in mind, this is just a quick guide. Truly, there are endless possibilities when it comes to using sex toys together. Use your imagination – and maybe a vibrator, too!

1. Butt Plugs

Yes, we’re going straight into butt stuff! Fact is, people of all genders and orientations adore anal sex, or anal play in general. Nowadays, most of the stigma and misinformation about butt play, and the people who enjoy it has all but evaporated. It’s about time! The anal area boasts an extremely high number of nerve endings and pleasure receptors, and, with very few exceptions, we all have butts! Therefore – anal play is for everyone.

A butt plug is a great place to start, when and if you’re interested in exploring your or your partner’s back door (aka anus), or are working up to anal sex. Inserting and wearing a butt plug during sex or foreplay can help you get used to the sensation of anal pentration, and the feeling of having something in your anal canal. Start small if you’re a first timer – you can always go bigger later, if you like the feeling.

Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes. Some vibrate and some don’t. The most classic type of butt plug is usually tapered –  smaller and thinner up top and thicker down below. A good butt plug, and any good anal sex toy, for that matter, will have a base that’s wider than the penetrator. This feature helps prevent any too-deep mishaps.

2. The We-Vibe

No list of top sex toys for couples would be complete withough the We-Vibe. This groundbreaking sex toy was techically designed to be worn during hetero sex, but it can absoutely work in other situations too. Basically, if there’s a vagina, and a penis or strap-on involved, the We-Vibe is for you (and them). 

Shaped into a flexible ‘U’ shape, the We-Vibe features a vibrator at each side. The sleeker end is worn inside, and the thicker, textured end is positioned over the clitoris / outer sweet spots. During sex and penetration, the inernal portion presses against the wearer’s G-spot and other sensitive inner areas, while the outer stimulator pleases their clit. Plus, the person who’s doing the pentraing (if they have a penis) will be able to feel the good vibrations, too. Shared pleasure at its finest!

3. The Bullet Vibrator

We love the bullet! Bullet vibes are, as you might have guessed, bullet-shaped. They’re usually quite small (just a few inches), but larger versions exist, too. 

Bullet vibrators are perfect for couples to use together for a few reasons. Because they’re usually very small, they can be enjoyed in most sex positions, and during many sex acts without getting in the way. The curvy little shape can pack a powerful punch of stimulaton, so a good bullet vibe can be just the thing when you or your partner needs or wants some extra clitoral or outer stimulation during penetrative sex. Hint: a majority of women / people with vulvas need a little or a lot of targeted clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. A bullet vibe is a perfect way to deliver that stimulation. 

4. Clitoral Suction Stimulators

There’s a certain type of sex toy that’s been taking the world by storm lately, and Womanizer and Satisfyer are responsible. We, and many clitoris owners would just like to say: thank you!

Suction stimulators, despite the name, don’t technically use suction. Instead, controlled pulses of air create gentle waves of positive and negative pressure that stimulate the clitoris (and other sensitive outer body areas) in a completely unique way. 

These sex toys are a great choice for partnered sex and foreplay. When using a clitoral suction enabled sex toy, many users report having a super intense orgasm that builds and builds – just read some of the rave reviews on these toys to get an idea of how beloved they are.

5. Remote Controlled Vibrators

A whole new wave of smartphone app and/or Bluetooth enabled sex toys has been cresting lately and we love it! Tech is sexy. There are all sorts of reasons why couples can’t always play in-person, but these long-distance-friendly toys make it easy to connect, no matter where one or both of you may physically be.


Aside from a range of vibrators, male masturbators and strokers that allow couples to play together, even when apart, many, many toys come with a remote. Maybe you’d like to be able to control your partner’s pleasure from across the room (or bed), or maybe a little sneaky-sexy date night stimulation is in order. Many remote controlled vibrators can be worn internally (and anally), but some clitoris-targeting are designed to fit secretly into a pair of panties, too.

6. The Magic Wand

Ahhhh the mighty Magic Wand! This ultra powerful vibrating wand was one of the very first sex toys to become mainstream, and to this day, is one of the best-selliing, most popular vibrators. Why? Power! The Magic Wand, and some similar vibrating wands, are notoriously intense. In fact, the Wand is renowned for its orgasmic powers, and historically, has been recommended to women and people who have a hard time reaching orgasm.

The Magic Wand is a great choice for couples, and equally great for solo sex and masturbation. Use it during sex when one or both you is looking for targeted stimulation of your clitoris and other external erogenous zones, or as a body massager. 

7. Hand Cuffs

You don’t need to be a kinkster to love a good pair of cuffs. Hand cuffs, otherwise known as wrist cuffs or wrist restraints, are a sexy accessory that you and your partner can use to drum up some erotic excitement, or to play with power and control. 

Hand Cuffs come in all sorts of styles, from soft and fuzzy, to strict and lockable – some cuffs come in silky fabrics, or even silicone. The pleasure potential of cuffs doesn’t even stop at your or your partner’s wrists. Lock up their ankles, have them bind up your thighs, upper arms and more with specialized cuffs and other bondage gear.

 8. Anal Beads

We’ve talked about butt plugs already, but now it’s time for anal beads! Like butt plugs, anal beads are meant for anal penetration and stimuation. As the name suggests, anal beads are – well, beaded.

Usually connected by a flexible strand of silicone or rubber, the beads, balls or swells of anal beads provide an exciting ‘pop’ sensation as they enter and exit your or your partner’s butt. Lots of people love the feeling, plus, like we noted above, the anal area is jam-packed with nerve endings and pleasure receptor, so any attention around back can feel fantastic. 

Any good set of anal beads will come with a distinct handle, ring or other removal apparatus attached.

9. The Pure Wand

Another wand to love! This one, though, doesn’t vibrate. The magic of the stainless steel Pure Wand dildo is in its shape and super-firm texture. The Pure Wand is curvy – very curvy – and heavy. That curviness, the weightiness and the ultra precise stability of this double ended dildo makes for a fantastic g-spot and prostate stimulating tool.

Using the Pure Wand, you and your partner can experiment with depth, massage intensity and positioning. Thanks to the weight and natural curve, you might find that you don’t even need to move it, much or at all. A word of caution: go slow and gentle with the Pure Wand. It’s very heavy and can feel (and look) intimidating at first.

10. Nipple Clamps

If you love some nipple attention, if you know that your partner does, or if you want to find out if either of you might, nipple clamps are just the ticket. There are literally hundreds of nipple clamp types available, from your basic alligator or tweezer clamp, to fancier vibrating varieties. Some sex toys we might classify as nipple ‘clamps’ are actually nipple stimulators, and can be attached to your nipple(s) with a suction mechanism. Fun!


There are as many ways to enjoy nipple clamps with your partner as there are types of nipple clamps available (hint: a lot!), but just to give you some ideas, you can wear nipple clamps during foreplay, sex, masturbation, or to accessorize a sexy, seductive striptease.

11. Vibrating Cock Rings

Yes, it’s true that, technically, any type of cock ring could be considered a sex toy for couples. A vibrating cock ring, or a cock ring with a vibrator, however, adds an extra hit of pleasure for both partners. 

The purpose of a cock ring, in general, is to help keep a wearer’s penis nice and firm. A vibrating cock ring does this, too, but adds vibration to the mix. While the ring portion is working hard to keep your or your partner’s penis hard during sex, a strategically placed vibrator buzzes and throbs against a partner’s clitoris, perineum and other external sweet spots. Some vibrating cock rings feature more than one vibrator, one for you and one for them – or vice versa.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.