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5 Wildly Popular and In-Demand Sex Toys for Men: That will have you screaming with pleasure!

Don’t scream just yet! We have something to discuss. Have you ever taken a trip to sex toy store, adult toy store, cupid boutique? If you have I am sure you’ve seen the majority of sex toys are Vibrators! Now this doesn’t mean they are all for women, most of these sex toys are also designed with male pleasure in mind. 

Among these vibrators you will find anal toys for men, sex toys for small penis, male penis massagers, anal fetish toys, anal vibrators, large anal sex toys, prostate stimulators, perineum stimulators, cock-rings, Fleshlight Masturbators, and many, many more! So you may be asking yourself do guys like vibrations? Which one is best for me? Well that’s where I come in. In order to decide the best male sex toy that matches your pleasure delights you must understand these toys and what they’re purposes are.

Each of these toys has their own categories, meaning certain toys only work for certain pleasures. Today I will break down the best male pleasure toys and what you can gain for using these types of toys. 

Up First: 

Masturbators and strokers are very similar in purpose. They are fleshy materials with life-like or realistic features. They have a mouth, anus or vaginal opening and can be used for male penis penetration. The most Popular of these types would be the Fleshlight Masturbators. These toys mimic the look and feel of some popular porn stars with replicated orifices’. However, that isn’t the only type of male masturbation toys you can get. You can also get ultra-realistic masturbators like PDX Pipedream Xtreme Toys which are table top masturbators that have some weight and look exactly like a portion of a woman’s body. However, on the opposite of realistic there are also some egg sex toys that also help with masturbation, which can be a starter for men who are just getting used to the masturbation experience. Masturbators come in tons of different sizes, shapes and colors for the utmost realistic experience. These are the best way to simulate sex.

And Then:

Dildos – Realistic, Extra Large, Small, Glass and Vibrating.
Guys and Dildos? The thing about dildos is they come in many varieties and that purpose is that everyone likes to accomplish different things while playing. Some men really love the challenge when it comes down to vibrating or extra-large dildos. Since dildos are used for many purposes regardless if we are talking about males, females or partners. Each category of dildos differs for the purposes. Take for example Realistic, let’s say you wanted something very similar to the real counterpart to get down and dirty with. Realistic dildos give you the full and realistic satisfaction. Whereas the Extra Large dildos are more for those with fetishes and up for the larger challenges. If you are new to dildos a perfect male first time dildo would be a small dildo, this will help you get used to the insertion and the removal process. Once you are more comfortable you can expand your horizons and go with a larger type or a different material. Like Glass for example is perfect for temperature plays however the firmness of the glass takes some time to get used to as the silicone or TPR materials have a pliable feeling whereas the glass is very solid to penetration will feel completely different. Vibrating dildos are plentiful, when choosing a vibrating dildo, go first for size (to make sure it fits) then go for the functions. Vibrating dildos come in phallic and non-phallic types and have several or just a few functions. Now if you are beginner at dildos and are  wanting to do anal penetration it’s best to start out with a few functions until you get used to it in order to feel comfortable and to finish ecstatically. 

Oh! Can’t Forget:

Anal Stimulation Toys:
The BIG O Toys. Lots of men know that there are stimulation glands in the anus. This is where the male prostate sits, so there are many anal toys for men. How can men use vibrators? In order to stimulate the prostate you can purchase male anal toys that help with these exercises. Anal/P-Spot Stimulation toys are sold in today’s market to help with this entirely. What to look for? Sizes first and foremost as you want to be comfortable while you play. And keep in mind that this is going to be a completely different outcome because you are triggering two spots instead of just one. (it can get kind of messy) With P-Spot toys you will notice that most are ergonomically designed for the best insertion and removal plus they have vibrations and tapered tips for the best comfort. Some come with remotes for hands-free stimulation, others are simply self-contained and can be used without any assistance at all. The best anal stimulation toys are mostly silicone, which is completely body-safe, and can be cleaned the best out of all sex toy materials. Please stay away from cheap anal sex toys; always try to buy high quality materials. You can always check out the Chaturbate anal solo videos if you need ideas for play!

Big and Strong!

Penis Pumps and Cock Rings:
Penis pumps are great for penile exercises. Just like the prostate glands, the penis muscles stay healthy when you exercise. If you are looking for safe and effective ways of enlarging or expanding girth or increase blood flow and sensitivity in your penis then a penis pump is definitely your thing. Most pumps on the market have a see-through glass/acrylic cylinder, measuring marks and they come with a bulb, a trigger or an automatic pump/suction feature. Using the suction feature helps enlarge the penis and activate the blood flow which keeps your penis erect. Once you are satisfied with the pump. You can place a cock ring on your penis (see: Tenga penis ring) with the ring wrapped around the base of the scrotum to keep your erection strong until you release or you unhook the ring. This allows you increase stamina, girth and length until your final release.  

A Little Extra:

Extreme Toys/Gay Fetish:
I’m sure you’ve seen them and just didn’t quite understand why they made them. These are extreme toys that are usually bought by men who have extreme fantasies or extreme fetishes. There isn’t anything wrong with this, as each to their own. But they do exist and I can give you a few pointers on how to establish play with extreme toys if you are into that sort of thing. Dick Rambone is an extreme toy it is a monster anal toy, that can be used for other things but he was designed for anal penetration. That’s right it they are anal masturbation toys! Just like the Titanmen Ass Plug. A whopping 9 inches in length and 4.6 inches in diameter. It has won awards for the best sex toys for gay men. Plus, these types of toys are for the ultimate challenger! Amongst these toys you can explore with a rimming toy, male milking toy or any other fetish you will most likely find your toy in this section.

couple in bed

Easy Homemade Sex Toys for Men:

To be honest not everyone has the money to run out and purchase toys. So the next best thing is to make your own. A few examples of best homemade sex toys for guys would be: Make shift dick toy. Use a tube plus some sponges for cushion and a rubber glove or rubber bag. Place the sponges inside the tube, place the rubber over the sponges and fold on the outside of the tube, tape or glue it and you now have a blow job toy. I’m sure with some creativity and a very hungry need for a toy, there may be household anal sex toys or homemade gay sex toys that you have considered that may be great for your needs. Just be sure that it is safe to use. A simple Google Search for male sex toys amazon, we vibe vector amazon, male dildo amazon,wireless fleshligh, flesh light egg or amazon personal toys can give you some ideas of toys you can make with household items. 

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Written by Mark Greene

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