Men Are Having Tons of High-Tech Sex with Toys and Here’s Why

The male orgasm – viewed by many as the culmination of sexual activity. By others, it’s just the cherry on top of an otherwise delectable cake. Whichever way you cut it though, the male orgasm is a powerful thing that deserves as much attention as the ladies are getting for theirs.

Rewind history a few centuries and you’ll see men masturbating with old loaves of bread, using things like blood and olive oil as lubrication. It was a sad day back then, with guys from all over the globe trying desperately to crank one out as best they could with the supplies they had. Hoping for a better way, their sexual frustration became so loud that it now reverberates in the subconscious minds of men today.

Fast-forward a few hundred decades and we finally have something to be proud of. Ingenuity and ingeniousness combined, men started becoming privy to super sex toys sometime around the late 1980s. Suddenly inundated with gratifying technology that seemed to build upon itself at the speed of light, guys now have more masturbatory choices than ever before (and none of them include the use of bread or blood). You can’t help but wonder what took us so long to get to this point. I mean, sex is something that’s enjoyed by people everywhere, and masturbation can be appreciated by anyone. So, aren’t high-tech sex toys for men more widely known? My guess: Because the changes have taken the market by storm, thereby making it difficult for the average Joe to keep up.

So, What Is a Male Sex Toy?

The definition of a male sex toy has changed quite a bit throughout history. Back in the day, it consisted of literally anything you could stick your penis into for sexual gratification. Today, things have become a tad more complicated and most men couldn’t be more grateful.

Put as simply as possible, a modern-day male sex toy is just a manufactured device designed to simulate the sensations of vaginal, anal and/or oral sex with a partner. High-tech sex toys for men are in a category all their own, however. With features that we once only dreamed about by the biggest pervs among us, today’s top-notch toys might just be cool enough to erase all that embarrassing bread stuff.

What’s the Big Deal about High-Tech Sex Toys for Men?

Do you remember fervently masturbating with the palm of your hand into an old tube sock while locked shamefully in your bedroom? Yeah, we all do, but those times are long gone and have since been replaced by the regular use of high-tech male sex toys – sometimes even on a public forum (gasp).

The reasons for this seeming sexual revolution are easy to understand once examined. Here are the top five:

1. High-Tech Sex Toys for Men are Convenient.

Unlike how it was in the past when men had to use whatever or whoever they could find to achieve a decent orgasm, high-tech male sex toys make it easy to fulfill almost all your sexual desires without forcing you to settle. Existing features include things like Bluetooth connectivity, partner/toy compatibility, downloadable porn content, and virtual reality experiences just to name a few. In short, it’s now nearly impossible to have the sex of your dreams without a high-tech sex toy in your hands.

2. If Used Correctly, High-Tech Sex Toys Are Safe and Effective.

Despite how intimidating some of the new-fangled features may be, there’s one thing that’s been proven certain. Properly used high-tech sex toys are the most mind-blowing climaxes for producing a safe and controlled environment. Whether dealing with a long-distance relationship or sexual health issues, the right sex toy can solve problems and/or fulfil fantasies without the risk of illness, injury or otherwise.

3. Users Have More Customization Features Than Ever Before.

Regardless of how you plan to use your new futuristic sex toy, there’s likely a setting or function to suffice your craziest imaginations. The sheer number of customization features are astounding, not to mention one of the best parts about using/buying one of these devices. From carefully selected canal textures, realistic orifices, interchangeable sleeves, and programmable vibe, suction and pumping settings, it’s no wonder the sex toy industry is making such a bold move towards the future.

4. They’re Affordable Too.

While the initial cost of many high-tech sex toys may be shocking to some, it’s important to understand how an investment of this magnitude works. When buying a technologically advanced toy you’re essentially paying for the progress of all mankind. You’re basically staking your claim in our species’ delectable developments by freely enjoying the fruits of someone else’s labor. And although that might not be much help when battling sticker-shock, it might help to know that many modern-day sex toy manufacturers offer warranties on their high-tech products and accessories.

5. Users Typically Find High-Tech Toys Easy to Operate and Maintain.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be technologically savvy to use a high-tech sex toy. Most of today’s manufacturers have gone beyond the call of duty to create products that are not only ergonomic but also user-friendly. Featuring skin-safe materials that are compatible with all sorts of lube and durable components that stand up to a beating, contemporary male sex toys are also simple to clean and maintain. Usually, a quick warm water/hypoallergenic soap bath is all you need, and most of the good stuff comes with a convenient carrying case or
storage box too.

In Summary

We can all be grateful for one thing: Gone are the days of using rudimentary items to massage a decent, painless orgasm into existence. Today’s sex toys for men are high-tech, high-quality and highly regarded as the future of human sexuality. With features that can connect lovers from around the globe for a wild ride that closely resembles the real thing, there may be no going back to regular sex after this.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.