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How Long Does a Sex Doll Last?

Investing in a sex doll is a way of boosting your sex life. If you are planning to buy a sex doll, you are investing a fair amount of money. It is normal you know how long your love doll is going to last.

Sex dolls last anywhere from two to ten years. Be it as it may, this will depend on several factors. You need to consider the following factors to maximize your return on investment.

BestRealDoll Krista
BestRealDoll RIDMII Krista

How you clean your doll

Clean relevant parts of your sexy doll after every use. Use warm water and recommended cleaning agent. Once you have had sex with your doll, clean it as soon as possible. This will limit the time the bacteria will have a foothold.

Rinse off all traces of the cleaning agent. Use a cleaning agent that the manufacture recommended. Using laundry detergents like dish soap and the likes might destroy the surface.

Note that alcohol sanitizes the surfaces very well but over time, it degrades silicone or TPE. 

 How do your Follow Care Instructions?

You should follow this aspect to the latter to extend the life span of your doll. For instance, with TPE dolls, you need to rub them with mineral oil once a month. This helps to prevent and nourish the plastic from getting dry. 

How you Store your Doll

Store your doll out of direct sunlight. The room where you store should be cool or at least should not have high temperatures. 

Storing your sex doll in an upright position is the best. If you store it when folded, crease lines can form. And with time, these areas will weaken and could tear up. 

It is also good you store your doll naked. Storing it in clothes, the doll will absorb dyes that cause discoloration.

BestRealDoll Allie
BestRealDoll RIDMII Allie

How often you use your doll

The fact is the more you use your doll the faster it will wear out. Some models come with replaceable genitals. But a time will come when you can no longer repair your doll

During this time, you have had good years of heavy use. You never know what technology has for you in the future. You may upgrade. Who knows?

The Type of Material Made of.

Realistic dolls from BestRealDoll are either:

  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Silicone

The silicone dolls feature the best material duration and they are not simple. Let’s look at the two materials. 


They are not tough as a silicone material. They need extra care. It wears faster and can rip off faster. But with good care, it will last long like the silicone doll.


The silicone material is non-porous and you can clean it with much ease. It is durable and does not wear or tear easily. The only drawback is that this material is expensive and hard.

BestRealDoll Dione 2
BestRealDoll RIDMII Dione

Final Notes

Follow what the manufacturer has recommended. It is the only way to care for your investment well. BestRealDoll is dedicated to providing you with a lifelike sex doll at a fair price.

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Written by Mark Greene

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