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The Ultimate Couple’s Guide To Steamy Foreplay

When it comes to sex, couples want to ensure that they both have a good time and reach orgasm. So, some would focus on learning and trying all the best sex positions. But sex isn’t always about reaching an orgasm. It’s also about the journey before the main event (the intercourse and the orgasm). And one way to improve your sex experience is through foreplay.

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What Is Foreplay?  

Foreplay is any sexual or playful activity done before intercourse. When done right, your foreplay could be just as good as the actual sex and even make the intercourse better. But because most people are in a hurry for the sex part, they skip foreplay and go ahead to the main event. If you’re constantly skipping foreplay, perhaps knowing its importance and benefits might change your mind.   

Foreplay brings several physiological and physical benefits that can make your intercourse more enjoyable.   

Physiological Benefits:  

  • Foreplay can help build emotional intimacy between you and your partner and make you feel more connected before, during, and after sex.  
  • For non-couples, foreplay can help you both ease the tension and stress of engaging in sexual activity with a new person.   
  • Foreplay can boost your body’s production of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, putting you in a good mood and increasing feelings of affection and euphoria.  

Physical Benefits:  

  • Foreplay can promote blood flow to the genitals, causing the penis or clitoris to swell. For instance, receiving a handjob from your partner before intercourse can turn you on and make you more emotionally and sexually aroused. If you or your partner are unconfident about your handjob skills, you can find reliable sources online and learn how to give good handjob as part of your foreplay activities.  
  • Foreplay can increase your heart rate and pulse.  
  • For women, foreplay can cause lubrication in the vagina, making intercourse less painful and enjoyable. 
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How To Pull Off A Steamy Foreplay 

Now that you know the importance of foreplay, here are tips to help you achieve romantic and steamy foreplay with your partner. 

1. Initiate More Eye Contact 

Instead of putting too much attention on your partner’s breasts, butt, or vagina, why not look them directly in the eye for an extended period? Perhaps you’re out on a dinner date, strolling outdoors, or seeing each other in the same room. Try to flirt with your partner across the room and look them directly in the eye. With your eyes, give them a clue about what’s about to go down later.  

If you want to take your eye contact to another level, you can try the tantric eye-gazing. In this method, you’ll need to stare at each other for at least five minutes or longer. This will build up the connection between you two that will surely make you want to go deeper when it’s time for sex.  

2. Use A Blindfold 

By contrast, you can exclude your partner’s sense of sight and cover their eyes with a blindfold. Now that they don’t see anything, seduce your partner using their other senses. For instance, you can whisper things you plan to do with them (e.g., kiss them, carry them to another room, etc.) 

You can also feed them with a tiny bar of dark chocolate, a strawberry, or any food that can make you both sexually aroused. Or place an ice cube on your partner’s body and let it roll from their neck down to their nipples, abdomen, and thighs. There are numerous things you can do to your partner while they’re blindfolded that will surely make you both feel euphoric and aroused. 

3. Do A Striptease 

Show off your sexual appeal by doing a striptease to your partner. A striptease can help spice up the sexual tension between you two and make your partner more excited about what’s to come next. For instance, you can wear a uniform (e.g., business attire or firefighter) and do a lap dance on your partner. While doing this, you can peel off one piece of clothing at a time.  

For the finale, give a sexy look at your partner as you unbutton your shirt, untie your necktie, or remove the last piece of clothing you have. A striptease will drive your partner nuts and make them want you more.   

4. Talk Dirty To Each Other 

Another effective method for steamy foreplay is talking dirty to each other. Are you not sure what to say? You don’t need to overthink it. Dirty talk can be as simple as telling your partner what you want to do with her using your most seductive voice. If you can’t talk dirty on a phone call or in person, you can do it in text. 

When you’re both on your way home from your separate jobs, send your part a sexy and flirty text. Or, if you’re unsure what to say, you can send a nude photo or video of yourself, and your partner will surely know what’s going to happen once you both see each other at home. 

5. Try Mutual Masturbation 

Before the main act, you can try masturbating together. Face each other and show each other how you want to be touched. After that, you can take turns in masturbating with each other. To spice up this mutual masturbation act, you can use sex toys to maximize pleasure together. And once you’re almost at your climax, that’s when you start your lovemaking. 

Wrapping Up 

Given the numerous benefits of foreplay, you may regret missing out on it again. These are only among the many sexual activities you can do with your partner for steamy foreplay before the main event. Your foreplay doesn’t have to be perfect, just like what you see in porn or social media. When doing foreplay, think of it as serving each other your favorite desserts before the main course. 

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.