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4 Simple Style Upgrades for the Modern Man

Simple Style Upgrades for Modern Man

When it comes to style, most men would really much rather fly under the radar. As long as the clothes on their backs don’t have any (obvious) holes, many of them are content to wear the same old thing every day. Men tend to shy away from attracting attention, and that can be all too easy to do with clothing. There’s nothing to hide behind—you either have sartorial sense, or you don’t. Whether it’s adding some men’s accessories to your wardrobe or simply getting clothes that fit. This style upgrades guide will help you look and feel better today.

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There does come a time in every man’s life when he’ll have to dress better. After a point, the usual uniform of blue jeans, a tee, and basketball shoes simply won’t be appropriate. Infuse your wardrobe with refinement and maturity with these simple style upgrades:

Do a Closet Purge

It’s time to face the truth, gentlemen: you’re all just as guilty of hoarding clothes as women—and that’s okay! As with all tangible items that you’ve spent some money on, letting go can be a difficult process. However, you may be holding on to pieces that have long outlived their use. A cluttered closet may also be hindering you from seeing and making use of the better options that you have on hand. 

Going the Marie Kondo route about only keeping items that spark joy might seem too vague, but her message of minimalism is a good one. Start by taking out all of your clothing and accessories and placing them somewhere you can see them all, such as your bed or living room. 

Next, begin eliminating the pieces that make you look like an untidy dresser. The easiest ones to get rid of should be clothes that have any unsightly holes or tears. Add pieces that have grown discolored or have any stains on them that won’t come out, as well as articles that may have gotten over-stretched or shrunken in the wash. This should leave you with a usable wardrobe that you can start to embellish later. 

Start Getting Your Stuff Altered

Finding the appropriate fit can be a major challenge for men, especially for those who do most of their shopping at department stores and fast-fashion outlets. To move products quickly, these establishments tend to cater to the most common denominator and only accommodate a handful of sizes. Even if you’re getting your clothes in the right sizes, you can’t really expect them to fit well or look good on you on the first try. 

Going tailored is the best option for men by far, but it’s far from a realistic or sensible one. Not everyone has the time or money to spring for an entirely custom-made wardrobe. Men need not despair, though. To address this particular discrepancy, there’s alteration. For a minimal fee, you can take your ready-to-wear purchases to a tailor and have them altered to fit you better. Some department stores and clothing brands also offer this as an additional service. It’s an easy way to achieve a tailored look without actually paying (too much) for the privilege. 

Toss Your White Socks Out

This is non-negotiable. No man beyond the age of eighteen has any business wearing white socks where there are nigh-countless options available on the market. Men’s socks are sold in a wide range of colors and styles nowadays. All you have to remember is to wear the appropriate type of sock for every activity. 

Gym socks are made with absorbent fabrics such as cotton to wick moisture away from your skin while you work out. Dress socks are usually made with thinner synthetic fabrics to accommodate narrow-profiled dress shoes worn with work or formal wear. Know and respect the differences between each one, then buy several pairs in sensible colors, such as dark blue, grey, or black. You can also mix it up with an understated pattern or two. Argyle and polka dots continue to be popular options for men. 

Wear Better Shoes 

Some men go through their entire lives only wearing basketball shoes. While athletic shoes and sneakers are comfortable and lightweight, they’re hardly the most appropriate kind of footwear for every occasion. 

Unless you’re heading to a sporting event, start leaving the high-impact footwear at home. At a minimum, you should have a pair of good leather dress shoes for formal occasions, as well as a casual pair for going out and light activities. Do your best to keep them pristine—the cleanliness alone should elevate your entire look. 

Dressing well doesn’t mean becoming a slave to the most recent trends; it’s about making sure that your clothes are in good, presentable condition as well as having a sense of what works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and carry yourself with confidence! With the right attitude, you can turn any outfit into a stylish one.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.