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Look Dapper In These 9 Casual Sneakers For Men

It’s easy to look sharp and neat for men if you are dressed in formal attire. A pair of elegant leather shoes can be paired with a nice suit and jacket, and your outfit can make you look like a fashion icon. But when it comes to casual wear, it may be a little tricky. Some men find it hard to still look dapper when wearing casual clothing. After all, how you can look neat and smart by being casual, right?

New Balance Casual Shoes

Well, this article will certainly help these men out there. Just like any other stunning outfit, the process will start by choosing the best shoes for men. When going casual, sneakers are always the best way to go. But with the long list of sneakers available in the market, which one should you choose? Let’s take a look at this list of casual sneakers that will transform your look from ragged to neat.

1. Chuck Taylor never fails

When you talk about sneakers, you cannot miss Converse. The classic Chuck Taylor series has always been one of the most iconic footwear in history. In the past, Chuch Taylor has always been associated with basketball players or even rock stars. But nowadays, you can spot stylish men wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers with their slim-fit jeans and polo shirts. You can even find men wearing this footwear at very special and formal events. So, if you’re looking for a casual sneaker that will level up your attire, you can never fail with Chuck Taylor.

2. Go classic with Vans

Who can forget the classic allure of Old Skool vans? If you are looking for an alternative version of Converse, Vans Old Skool can be your next choice. These classic sneakers are well-known around the globe not only to skateboard artists but also to fashionable men. Vans sneakers can make you look sophisticated even when wearing short pants outdoors. One of the best things about Vans is that you can assure of its durability as it is originally or specially made to wear for extreme sports.

3. Neatly basic with Asics

Asics is one of the most basic yet special sneakers. Aside from their elegant look, these shoes are made with precision-shaped soles. This is why Asics sneakers are more popular with athletes such as runners. It’s efficient and comfortable footwear made by Japan. But nowadays, Asics has also become the top choice of fashionable men. Simply because of its variety of design editions that will surely make you look smart at casual events.

4. Sophistication with Lacoste

If you can splurge a little bit of money for shoes, go with the utmost sophistication of Lacoste sneakers. Much like its classic polo shirt, these sneakers are made simple yet elegant. They are not much when it comes to printed designs but it screams elegance and sophistication. One of the best things about Lacoste sneakers is that it is made of highly-reliable materials such as canvas, PVC, or leather. There’s a lot to choose from depending on when you’ll wear it. The best thing about it, the crocodile logo alone is already a stamp of classic yet stylish.

5. Explore outdoors with Timberland

Timberland is well known for its boots. However, did you know that they also make sneakers that can instantly turn your casual attire into a smart-looking outfit? You can wear Timberland sneakers if you are going on casual hangouts outdoors. Simply because its material is already made or crafted to survive all types of weather. The best thing about it: its design is very masculine and bold.

6. Get some Birkenstock aesthetic

Birkenstock may be a popular brand for outdoor sandals, but they also have a collection of sneakers that are perfect for all men. One of the best things about Birkenstock sneakers is that it still has the same iconic contoured cork footbed as in their classic sandals. So, if you are looking for kicking footwear that protects your soles, these sneakers are the best choice.

7. Casually great with New Balance

If you are looking for cost-friendly yet equally durable sneakers, you can go with the New Balance collection. This footwear is well-cushioned and a lot sturdier than other cheap shoes. Its style is also very sophisticated and can instantly make you look sharp even when you’re wearing casual attire. You’re sure to find different colors and designs that will fit your taste.

8. Go wild with Puma

Puma is also one of the most well-known sneakers when you talk about classic and casual footwear. Its collection ranges from lifestyle and sports design sneakers. One of the best things about Puma is that the materials are designed not only to boost your performance, for athletic activities but also to promote comfort and support for your foot.

9. Simple yet elegant Ecco

If you are looking for comfortable travel shoes but would like to stay in style, you can always go with Ecco sneakers. This footwear is made for standing and walking because of its anatomical shape that will protect your feet. Aside from that, classic Ecco sneakers are also very stylish and can upgrade your outfit from a casual traveler to a fashionable traveler.

Be a dapper gentleman!

Is this list helpful? Stay sharp and dapper on your casual attire by pairing your outfit with any of these casual sneakers. Luckily for you, there are a lot of choices of shoes for men that can instantly transform your get-up.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.