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The greatest games for your smartphone in 2024

Greatest Games for your Smartphone

Gaming on a mobile phone has progressed dramatically in recent times, especially since the introduction of smartphones and the more sophisticated offering which subsequently came with them. Health and fitness are obviously important, but we all need some downtime with a game or two, don’t we? The releases on offer today are better than ever before, too.

call of duty mobile game

Augmented reality creations like Pokemon Go have enabled people to experience a truly immersive gaming experience while out and about, then you have creations like Among Us, which have been hugely popular with groups of friends since its inception, alongside other creations for casino gamers who generally look for the best games with the best free spins for 2022. Then we can access brain teasers, puzzle games and a whole host of other releases in today’s innovative world. Developers are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon either, with the smartphone gaming options expected to kick on even further in the near future. 

With an array of excellent games being downloaded in 2022, we thought we’d go through some of the best of them. All of the games featured can be downloaded on both android and iOS. 

The Room 4: Old Sins

A new creation from a series of puzzle-box games, The Room 4: Old Sins is a bit like The Crystal Maze as players prod various objects and try to uncover hidden switches and levers in order to advance to the next point of the story. A short mystery, The Room 4: Old Sins is a unique and intriguing release.

Dadish 2

A popular retro platformer, Dadish 2 is a blast. Playing as a radish father who is desperate to rescue all of his radish children, Dadish 2 is a wacky and truly enjoyable game to sample. You can launch from cannons, hitch a ride with a burger, jump through chainsaws, and a whole lot more. A variety of bosses will get in your way, too.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Fancy yourself as a bit of a detective, perhaps? Then see if you can crack the case in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. In a small town, people have gone missing. It’s up to you to hunt for clues in order to locate them and bring them back to safety. Opening drawers and searching attics never felt so appealing.

Monument Valley 2

Thanks to its stunning visuals and excellent graphics for a puzzler, Monument Valley 2 is an indie puzzle game that has proven to be extremely popular in recent times. Players are tasked with guiding a mother and her daughter on a journey through a variety of different landscapes. Many of the adventures are filled with magical moments and superb graphics as you try to get the pair to the very end. 

Bloons TD 6

A classic 3D tower defence game, Bloons TD 6 is one of the most entertaining creations around at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. The game involves players carrying out a variety of tasks as mayhem ensues. You can use monkeys as snipers, shoot plenty of balloons, and a load more. 

Alto’s Odyssey

If surfing down endless sand dunes in a fast-paced game with beautiful scenery is your type of thing then you’ll definitely take to Alto’s Odyssey. A zen game with a dedicated following behind it, Alto’s Odyssey is a fun creation capable of keeping you entertained for hours on end. The graphics are impressive, especially the ancient buildings in the background and the weather cycles. The game is easy to grasp also, with players simply needing to tap to jump whenever required. 

DiRT Rally 2.0
Dirt Rally 2.0 is developed primarily for existing online racing games lover. If you are new to racing games, you’ll find some struggle initially. Later on, you’ll surely love it. The game feels incredible with great sounds. It will not take much time if you’re not replaying the same stages again and again. Though some parts are not easy to play.  For the serious racer, it is still a nice game to play in 2022.

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