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What Makes Høvel a Unique Pencil Sharpener?


If you are looking for a different, but reliable and versatile pencil sharpener, check out the review of Høvel designed by Makers Cabinet!

Høvel is a unique brass pencil sharpener that you probably haven’t seen ever before. Makers Cabinet advertises it as a pencil plane as it gives you all the freedom you need to sharpen your pencils perfectly.

The product is very versatile, and it is capable of sharpening lead pencils, but also act as a flat sharpener. If necessary, you can even use it to make sturdy and short points. And don’t worry about breaking the lead because the chances of that happening with Høvel are second to none.

The manufacturer included ten additional blades with the product, and you can replace the blades in a couple of seconds.

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Written by Mark Greene

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