Who Wants To Enjoy Sex More? These Best Feeling Condoms Are The Answer

Condom is one of man’s best friend and worst enemy. He’s the annoying little brother you wish was less annoying, but are glad to have him around. It sounds strange to say, but getting a condom is a rite of passage for so many men across the world, it is the physical embodiment of your sexual activity and transition into manhood.

Condom dates its history back hundreds of years ago, with the earliest condom being found in Dudley castle in England. This condom, which was made from animals membranes, is believed to have been made in 1642, now that’s a rubber that is certainly past its date of use. As the condom evolved over the next 500 years, we saw the emergence of the rubber latex, we sheath our swords in.

We owe much to the condom; fewer unwanted children, fewer abandoned children, a reduction in the spread of STIs, a decrease in the transmittance of aids, being able to enjoy sex without the fear of pregnancy or something nasty, and many more benefits.

best feeling condom

Woman showing a condom on bed, Focus on the condom in the foreground

It’s safe to say that condom has saved the lives of many, improved lives of even more and has saved a few people from feeling the burn.

Our concern here is the best feeling condom. If you are questioning why you want the best feeling condom you either don’t use one or you have never had to use one of the thicker, more robust rubbers which have the thickness of a rubber glove and reduce the sensations so much that you are nothing more than a glorified sex toy rather than a partner.

It is as much about getting the best feeling condom as it is about staying away from the pesky extra-safe condoms which reduce pleasure so much that there isn’t much point. Don’t throw away those moments of pure euphoria for the high-priced safe condoms which whilst safer, go beyond the point of reason.

If anyone is still adamant about questioning the obvious decision to get the best feeling condom here’s why.

It feels better, you enjoy sex more, you get as close to the real thing as possible, end of story."

Opting for a more stimulating experience does not mean that you have to choose a less safe sexual encounter. The modern man can wrap himself knowing that he has little chance of siring children. Modern day science and the multibillion dollar industry backing it, have developed rubber strong enough to protect you whilst maintaining a good level of protection and durability.

How to choose the right condom?

The question of how to choose the right condom is as much a science as it is an art. The wide variety and the scary number of combinations which the condom industry offers makes choosing a condom a confusing endeavour. Here are some things to consider when choosing what to protect yourself with.

First Element: Size

The first element to decide on is size. While the condoms you get in supermarkets and men’s toilets have a uniform size, thanks to Charles Goodyear (the inventor of vulcanised rubber), they stretch to fit most men, you must be honest about your size.

Getting the wrong size, with a lot of men going up a size for ego’s sake, reduces the efficacy of the condom, increasing the chances of the condom falling off. Be honest with yourself, it’s not worth getting an STI or a girl pregnant.

Second Element: Safety

The second element for a prudent condom connoisseur is safety. Read the labels and look at what the box says about safety. Often condoms which are titled ‘feather light’ or ‘paper-thin’ etc. are too thin and almost completely neglect the goal of the product, which is protection.

Choosing an option which steers more to feeling and away from the safety aspect is a condom you will regret buying. The rubber ends up being so thin that in the heat of passion could rip.

Third Element: Function

​Finally, you must think about functionality. Apart from a condom’s primary function (protection) you have a plethora of different types to choose from. If you are buying for you and your partner, consider getting ribbed condoms, the bumps and lumps on the outside of it will aid in female stimulation and improve the act for both of you.

There are other pleasure related versions you can go for; flavoured lubricant as well as ones which tingle and add heat. Consult with your partner or put into consideration what you and your potential beaus might like.

Top 10 Best Feeling Condoms on the Market

The Condom for a Man Who Wants to Feel Everything

Crown Skinless Skin Condoms

                             Crown Skinless Skin Condoms

This beast of a condom is perfect and arguably the best on the market for sensitivity. Crown is known for their strength and durability with the thinner models and this one is no different. As one of the most sensitive and reliable condoms in the game, it is easy to know why it is also one of the highest rated rubbers on the market. If that isn’t endorsement enough for you, how about the fact that it is the most prolific condom in the adult industry, chosen due to its real feel and unmatched safety at its thinness.

Manufactured in Japan, Crown Skinless gives you the feeling that you aren’t using a condom, which is really the aim. The condom is both lubricated and slightly larger than normal for more comfort and less of that constricted feeling. An added benefit for couples is that the woman commonly feels more connected and closer to her lover due to the thinness and mind-easing safety of the condom.

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Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms

                             Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms

This is a UK favourite and brilliantly designed wearable. As the name suggests, Durex have produced a condom designed for sensitivity and enjoyment, deciding to omit the harmful spermicide ‘Nonoxynol-9’.

With the condom measuring as 7.75” in length and 1.94” in width, it seems similar to most other condoms. However, Durex has designed the head of the condom to be slightly wider and more forgiving to the movement which can create so much friction.

An added bonus to this line of condoms is the fact that you can get it in studded and flavoured, meaning it’s not just a treat for you. Durex’s Extra Sensitive condoms are reasonably heavy in lubrication for a more smooth application and increased comfort. If you are looking for a uniquely pleasurable condom with a real feel to it, this is your guy.

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Beyond Seven Condoms

                            Beyond Seven

Another Japanese invention, the Beyond Seven condoms are a great piece of tailored production. I say specified because they cater to those who have slightly narrower manhoods than your average, allowing for a tailored feeling condom.

Made by the same people as our number one candidate, Crown Skinless, Beyond Seven has a distinct difference in the production of its latex. Beyond Seven use a type of altex called Sheerlon, a strong and durable rubber which allows a decent amount of stretch and comfort.

The length of this wonderfully crafted rubber is 7.87” and is 1.87” wide, meaning that compared to the Durex Extra Sensitive it has a reasonably narrower head. Depending on the man this could cause some discomfort. Try it out and if it doesn’t fit, go for a different one.

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LifeStyles THYN Sensitive

                          LifeStyles Thyn Condoms

Yet another super sensitive feeling condom with great levels of comfort and almost comparable to the feeling of a Crown. The stretch of these condoms is what gives them their edge; increased comfort, durability and more people can wear them.

If you can get your hands on Crown’s then do it, but choose these as a close second. The condom falls in that mid-range of length between averages and large, with the length being 8” on the nose it can be worn by a good range of people.

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Kimono Micro Thin Condoms

                                              Kimono Micro Thin Condoms

The most common comment associated with these condoms is “I never feel like I’m wearing one” or words to that effect. If there is one thing which can be said about Japanese industrialism, it is that they know how to make super strong and super thin condoms.

Both women and men love these as neither of them can really tell that he is wearing strong latex protection. A slightly longer condom at 8.12” allow for more give along the stem. The only issue with rubbers this thin is friction, and although it is lubricated on the inside, just be careful. No one wants burning down there.

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The Best Condoms for the Man who just Wants to Please His Woman

Beyond Seven Studded Condoms

                             Beyond Seven Studded Condoms

Finally a studded condom which can increase her pleasure while remaining thin enough for you to enjoy it as well. Beyond Seven have hit it out the park with this one! This condom allows a man to feel like he isn’t wearing a condom and makes a woman feel closer to her partner.

When both parties are happy, you have true win-win. The slightly wider 2” width gives a decent level of comfort and stretch, meaning that if you are slightly wider you can still opt for this Japanese brand.

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Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms

                           Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms

Buy this piece for protective wear and your lady will love you. The ribbed condom has larger and more pronounced bumps to provide a little extra stimulation. The reviews for this condom come from women more than men, all because of the studs. If you want pleasure for your partner as much as you do for yourself, give these a go and thank me later.

However, yet again, if it is only your pleasure you are worried about, perhaps you should give these a miss. You will feel like a boss with the reaction you’ll get, but the feeling on your end will not be a strong sensation due to the increased thickness of the ribs. This slightly wider condom, measuring in at 2” wide will allow comfort and a lot of gratitude, but you will pay a small price for this experience.

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The Best Condoms for the Endowed Man

Trustex Extra Large

                         Trustex Extra Large Condoms

These psychedelically coloured condoms are fantastic if you are beyond average and find it difficult to find a condom which doesn’t feel like you're wrapping your willy in a bin bag. The condom is larger than its competitors, measuring in at 8.62” in length and 2.12” in width.

One of the top comments associated with this condom is that women like how much the blokes are enjoying the increased freedom. Producing large condoms which remain thin is not easy feet, but Trustex have managed to produce a condom which feels great and beats its other larger competitors.

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LifeStyles KYNG

                Lifestyles Kyng Condoms

A condom preferably for the larger man, this premium choice is perfect for those of you who want to give more than you already do. Kyng’s are ribbed for her pleasure and your enjoyment. If you are someone who feels constricted wearing a normal condom, then try out Kyng’s for a more ease feeling.

The end of these condoms is more baggy than your average rubber, lending itself to the man who likes some breathing room. What is odd about these condoms is that they still remain quite thin, despite the ribs and increased size. Not as sensitive as the Durex or Crown, but great for a ribbed large condom.

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The Best Condom for the Man who Doesn’t Want Kids Anytime Soon

Iron Grip Condoms

                        Iron Grip Condoms

A rather scary sounding name and weird implication by the condom brand, but nonetheless this extremely durable protection has made it into the top 10 most sensitive condoms. The worrying name comes from the narrower circumference and tighter grip of the condom. It has a more snug feeling, which some of you out there will love.

However, what it gains in snugness it loses in sensitivity. Iron grip condoms have a thicker layer of latex and as such do not provide the same level of sensitivity. The Iron Grip won’t slip off anytime soon, but it just isn’t the same as Crown’s.

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Whether you want that real feeling, where you can’t actually tell if there is a condom on or not, or if you are more about pleasuring your partner and providing a great experience for her, or even if you are one of the more endowed men among us who simply seek a rubber which doesn’t feel like you are wearing a heavy raincoat, we have you covered.

The condoms above are the best in the business and all provide a fantastic experience, much better than any store bought brand which will more than likely rip after your first thrust. Choose wisely and leave the ego at the door. The best condom for feel are the Crown Skinless, the best for her pleasure are the Impulse Bare Pleasures, and the best condom for the larger man is the Lifestyle Kyngs.

Terrence Kennedy

Written by Terrence Kennedy

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