11 Clever Ways to Text a Girl You Like

Clever Ways to Text a Girl

You are very lucky if you get the number of the girl you like. But then, you need to learn how to make her want you.

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In this guide, we will be teaching you how to text her. Time is not on your side here, so come along, especially if:

  • You want to keep her interested. Every text message you send should trigger a specific reaction that makes her want to hear more from you. You want to keep her so engaged that she cannot stop reading and reacting to your text.
  • You feel like every text is pushing her further away. It’s quite easy to tell if a girl does not like your text. The way she reacts to them should already tell you that something is wrong somewhere, and that you should change your texting. It was hard enough to get her number, and so you should not push her away with bad texts or texting habits.
  • You want to get a date. Texting is a powerful way of getting the girl you like to fall in love with you. So, your main aim should not be to keep texting her but to get something more. It would feel better if you could sit next to her, hold her hand, and watch as she laughs at your jokes.

We will be sharing 11 ways of texting a girl you love that will get you more than just a date. With this idea, you will soon be enjoying lovely moments with her.

Before we set the ball rolling, it’s important that we are on the same page. So, are you looking to evoke special emotions in the girl so that she can kiss you with her lips and not with emojis? It’s better if you can get the feeling of her lips.

Also, it’s vital to understand that texting is the most effective way of speaking to your crush, especially if you get nervous around her. Calling her may seem like a better idea, but that can show her that you are too eager.

Besides, you don’t want it to seem like you are following your crush around everywhere she goes. Texting is low-key and more effective than face-to-face conversations or phone calls during any relationship’s initial stages.

Therefore, breathe in, summon your guts, and let’s do some great texting.

This guide has been arranged in three sections to make it easier to understand and follow.

Starting the conversation

The biggest determinant of your success in a texting conversation is how you begin. The first message you send, when you send it, and how you send it steers the conversation in the direction you want.

If you get this wrong, then everything else will not matter. She might start disliking you right from the first text, something you want to avoid.

Here are the best ways to set things right.

1. Stay original

If you went online and found some messages on how to text a girl, you don’t need to copy them verbatim. They should only serve as an inspiration for you to create something more appealing.

In other words, try sending a text message that you know no other guy would send. Forget about sending her a hi, or some crazy emoji. Make her smile, or at least become interested in the conversation.

Do everything you can to make her realize something special in you and want to keep talking.

You can stay original by making a witty observation about her unique abilities, maybe the way she looks at the world. Create laughter in her too. Show her that you are clever through texts.

Tell her something that no one else has told her before. Perhaps you have just come across a piece of news that will make her jaw drop; use it.

Instead of saying: “What time did you get home after the show last night?” Ask her what she felt about the concert.

2. Use questions

Getting a good conversation started is not easy, and many people struggle with it. But a good question can be a great starting-point because the girl will have to answer.

Don’t ask a question that arouses a ‘How am I supposed to answer that?’ feeling. It has to be more direct and specific because she will not spend a lot of time trying to figure out what you mean.

Ask about her day or week. These check-in questions are not only great conversation starters, but they also show that you care about her.

Ensure the question is something she can easily answer. Avoid questions like the meaning of life or what they think about the milky way.

Keep your questions simple. Short messages are the most recommended for use in texting.

Ensure the question is open-minded. This is why: “What did you think about the show last night?” is better than: “What time did you get home?” It gives her the option to think about her answers and includes some things you never even asked.

3. Good grammar is crucial

Effective texters read through their texts over and over again before sending them. They make sure that everything is ok in the text because wrong spelling or grammar can send the wrong message.

This idea may seem silly and simple, but that is precisely the reason why you should care. One misspelled word can change the whole meaning of what you wanted to say and even land you in trouble.


“I wish you were her.”


“I wish you were here.”

These are two different texts that mean different things. It will not look good for you to tell her you wish she was someone else.

Take the time to use punctuation marks whenever necessary. Don’t assume that she will understand what you are saying.

The way we speak is very different from the way we write. She cannot get inside your mind to have what you mean revealed to her.

4. Don’t try too hard

A girl can tell right away if you are trying too hard to text her. It would help if you were yourself so that you don’t write her something that does not make any sense even to you.

Every text you send has to be meaningful and well planned. Trying too hard to impress her will not get you the desired results.

Even worse is that she will be able to tell right away. Then she will start ignoring your texts and saying she is busy even when she is not.

In this case, remember to relax and take it easy. It’s a mistake to start sending long, feverish-sounding text messages. Send one text at a time and wait for her to reply before sending another.

Don’t try too hard with funny stuff. If you are not naturally funny, keep to your lane, and everything else will fall in place.

Chances are the girl is nervous too. Understanding this should make you feel better.

Just keep you cool at all times. And don’t panic if you think you have done something wrong. You might only end up making it worse.

Get her attention and keep it

The girl might have many things on her mind, and perhaps her attention is far. Finding an interesting topic that captures her attention can help fix that.

Once she is interested, you want to keep things that way until the end of the conversation. For instance, you can ask her what she thought of the previous episode of your favorite TV show.

Here are some ideas for keeping her on the same page.

5. Engage her as much as possible

Can you keep up with a fun conversation? Well, you need to let her know. If she thinks you can hold your end of the conversation over the phone, she can trust you will do the same in person.

The first goal of texting a girl is to open a door into your personality. She wants to know you better, and since this is the only way, you must make sure she gets that expectation.

Here are some ideas for achieving this:

  • Use something that both of you like. A common interest will give you the best topics to sustain a conversation. Consider a TV show or a band.
  • Mention something you love doing. It could be soccer, athletics, or singing. This will always capture her attention, and you can take it from there.
  • Show her that you are willing to spend time on interesting things. It would be good to let her know more about your life, like what you do during your free time.
  • When she says something funny, don’t just end the conversation with laughter; reply back with something funny too. Get her to know your wit.

These ideas will help you capture the attention of this girl and keep it to the end. The most effective way to summarize these ideas is to let her speak more about herself. It would help a lot if you let her do much of the talking.

6. Flirting

Every girl likes a boy who can flirt. It makes them want to talk to you more while hinting that you actually like her. But don’t overdo it.

Be subtle enough just to show that you are interested in her. Back off is she asks you to.

Here are some great ideas to be flirty yet not too sexual:

  • Show her your silly side by being playful. You don’t want to be too serious about her.
  • If you know her well, try teasing her gently without making her feel bad. You can always tell her feeling from her responses.
  • Avoid using too many emojis. A well-timed emoji can be a great flirting idea. But you don’t want to overdo it.

7. Show her you care

Every girl loves to know that someone cares about her. And there are several ideas you can use to this effect. Consider the following:

  • Send her check-in messages. Be the first to send her a good morning/day message when she wakes up, checks on her during the day, and sends her a good-night before she sleeps.
  • Show how much you value her opinion. If she thinks differently about a certain subject, be open-minded to flow with her.
  • Ask her an open-ended question. The idea here is not to get too personal but to her open up slowly as she would prefer. You don’t want to put too much pressure on her.
  • Keep your conversations in mind. The girl will feel so good if you can refer to your previous messages.

8. Avoid going overboard

The aim of texting should be to get on her good side. Therefore, you need to be subtle at every stage. Your feelings should be reciprocated in the same magnitude.

Bombarding her with messages is the worst idea. Show that you are interested in her, but not need.

Here are some ideas:

  • Keep the conversation balanced and not one-sided. Back off if you only get two responses from ten texts.
  • Wait until she responds before sending another message, and do not use too many emojis.
  • Stick to a balanced amount of punctuation marks.

Finish strong

Ending the conversation can be tricky and weird. Here are some ideas to help you with a strong ending.

9. Know when to stop

Stop texting at the right time, and you will keep the girl interest. Whether she is busy or just has nothing to say, you should be able to tell. Some signs to tell you when to end the conversation include:

  • A one-sided conversation
  • One-word responses
  • She takes too long to respond

10. End on a positive note

End your conversation open so that it becomes easy to chat again. Tell her something like you are looking forward to seeing her later, or you will talk about the subject later. Other tips include:

  • Tell her to make sure she has fun with whatever she is doing.
  • Tell her you are thinking about her without being too obvious.
  • Wish her a good time.
  • Tell her if you are going somewhere and when you can resume the conversation.

11. Ask her out

If you are sure the girl likes you and the chemistry is strong, go ahead and ask her out. You can ask her if she would love to grab a bite with you at the new restaurant. If she says no, it’s not the end of the world.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.