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7 Surefire Tips For A Memorable First Date

Memorable First Date

1. Have A Positive Mental State

First dates can make you a bit jittery. But you can psych yourself up by calming your nerves and having a positive mindset about the date. You can achieve this by jamming to your favorite music, even when en route to the meeting point. Also, you can consider meditating for at least ten minutes as you prepare for the date. Having a friend around to get you excited about it as you do your hair is also an excellent idea.

First dates can be nerve-racking, especially during the hour or minutes leading up to it; therefore, try to have some fun and be in a positive state of mind as you prepare. It will help keep your moods up and looking forward to your date. 

2. Pick The Perfect Outfit

Your choice of attire for your first date should be spot-on, but finding the perfect outfit to wear might seem impossible. You want your date to be like “wow!” upon setting eyes on you. However, you also do not want to come across too strong, desiring to look cool and casual. It is a tussle that aims at striking the right balance in whatever you pair as the ideal outfit. It can be an off-shoulder tee with some cute jeans, or strappy tank, and a ritzy skirt. It is best to go for something that is not your usual wear but an excellent representation of you. Overall, wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel confident.

3. Give A Quick And Cool Hello

Perhaps, you have been texting a lot with your date, leading up to the decision to meet. The build-up to the face-to-face session can be scary, and things can feel tenser when counting the hours. But it is best to keep your cool. Taming your jitters as you meet and greet each other. Give a warm hi or a quick hello hug. Your date might also be antsy and will most likely calm down once they see how cool you play the situation.

A light joke can also help diffuse the awkwardness. For instance, you can talk about how you changed your outfit three times. The point is to help your date feel at ease; hence laugher is an excellent place to start. Moreover, it is a fun way to start things.

4. Keep The Conversations Moving

Your first date can be reminiscent of a job interview. You will do the best you can to gain as much information about your date as you can, which could result in plenty of back-and-forth questions. But sometimes, the questioning can seem disingenuous. The desire to know the other person is understandable, but appreciate the fact you cannot wholly know an individual during that one seating. It will take some time.

The best approach is to ask a question that sparks a conversation that helps both of you open, and you can build from there. You can start with talking about hobbies and interests, taking your time to touch on other related things instead of jumping to the next question on your list.

5. Offer To Split The Check

One of the best tricks to use when you are unsure what food to order, how much order, or if your date will pick up the check is to ask them what they are getting. It is a non-intrusive question and can serve as a price guide on what you can order. Also, offer to split the check when it comes. Thank your date if they insist on paying and offer to settle the bill on the next date.

6. Propose Another Date, If All Goes Well

As the date ends and you want to see the other person again, inform them. Do not be shy about being upfront. You can take a casual approach like saying, “we should do this again soon.” Alternatively, you can be a bit coy about it if you are not the “forward” type.  You can suggest going to an upcoming music concert to listen to their favorite artist, or offer to pick the bill the next time as you say thanks according to these escort ladies from Gloucester Road.

7. Let It Be Known If You Want A Kiss

If you feel the date should end with a kiss, let it be known. Moreover, do not wait for your date to make a move. You can pass hints like lightly touching their arm and lingering a little at the door during the goodbye.  The kiss might be magical, especially if your date is receptive. In addition, do not be too apprehensive if you are not comfortable with kissing. Nothing says dates must end with a kiss even if the other person paid for the dinner. You do not owe them anything.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.