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The Most Realistic Guide on How to Attract Girls

The majority of us guys will agree that we have that deep rooted longing to find out the secrets on how to attract girls.

How to attract girls

Well, you do not need some other-worldly effort. All you need to do is create a nesting ground from which you can resonate with a girl, get her attention in your direction and playfully get her to join you in the pool of romantic exploits.

To do that, here are further tips on how to attract girls that will help you get optimal results.

Practical Guide on How to Attract Girls

Having a Firm Self Esteem: Because it will radiate towards them

Look, this is perhaps the most important trait you can have. A typical girl will prefer someone with the appeal of unrelenting self-confidence.

how to attract girls

And they know how to spot it in a person— anything less than that is interpreted as a point of weakness.

Be genuine and real!

​One of the secrets on how to attract girls, is simply, being real.

Being real and genuine about yourself is paramount to building your self-worth and respect. As a first step, get yourself together, develop the correct attitude, and believe in yourself.

You are going to get a girl attracted after all. It is likely that in doing so, your body language will begin to resonate and agree with what you speak.

When you enter in a room of, say ladies alone, immediately but softly exert your presence rather than coil back in shameful subservience.

Here’s an interesting Ted Talk about knowing yourself more:

Tease, tickle and get to know her and be honestly interested

A typical women world is indeed surreal. It requires learning and adapting to the ubiquitous strange female personalities.

To attract a girl you have to adapt. The bottom line, however, is the fact that women adore people who make then feel tickled.

A woman would envision spending her time with a man who has the inherent capability to make her laugh even for flimsy reasons.

How to attract girls

How to do it:​

To send her sprawling on the floor with unforgettable moments of laughter, a man needs to study a woman both quickly but with precision.

That way, you will learn the confines within which you can tease her and make fun. As with tickling and teasing, you will learn how to do it in the right places.

Once the art has been learnt, execute it flawlessly, naturally and without any preconceived ideas. Stay open-minded.

The reason, again, for triggering pleasant bouts of laughter, sometimes uncontrollable and other times mere affable giggles, is meant to create an unbreakable bond.

A woman who laughs at your comments is likely to trust you. It’s just a matter of time before you find yourself in the closet of heart.

Have fun and don't let the pressure get in to you

It is necessary to, at this point, point out that you only need to have fun and everything soon falls in place.

Do not attempt to define the outcome of your quest. Simply enjoy the moments. By this time, if the woman hasn’t quit yet, your chances of winning her over are exceptionally high.

So do not play smart with some outrageous ideas.

Your time is very integral.

Having fun, in addition, is a testament that you are available and can take your time with a woman. A woman appreciates the time invested in her by a potential suitor.

As much as it stays feasible, invest your time without showing any hint of boredom— however subtle. It won’t, after all, take an eternity to win her over.

Keep it rolling because it shows you have passion

How to attract girls

Flow with the moments. There’s a beauty in letting things unfold as they may. The aspect of unpredictability has a thrilling edge to it and a woman will relish experiencing news moves, ideas and events each moment.

On the flip side, an attempt to control of events may result in unnecessary friction and the corresponding friction that may cause you to lose the act altogether.

​In the whole time that you are effortlessly flowing with the tide, drop clues of attraction. If possible, let that be done with affably pleasurable touch moves.

How further you can go is dependent on the reaction you are getting. Again, in order to score perfectly on how to attract that girl that kills you softly, do not use any hurried moves. No rehearsed moves will be appropriate.

Make Her Want You

When you have been noticed by your girl, and she is all excited with you all the time, a time comes when you may have to test the strength of her resolve. In this context, make her want you.

​It is much like the idea of prequalification in procurement procedures. If genuinely interested in you, the girl won’t let you leave.

​In making a girl want you, it is no more than just an effort to confirm whether or not the girl is willing to proceed with you.

It is an agreement that you both want each other, after all.

As a result, you may execute a plan similar or different from the following:

  • Subtly change your tradition and method of communication. Even if she doesn’t ask about, she will ask herself enough questions that will lead her to examine herself along lines such as: Did I do something wrong? Did I become too placid to ignore subtle advances from a worthy man? Did I fail to invest enough in the relationship? Do I ask him about it? Can I do something about it?
  • Without hurting her sensibilities, drop hints that you may after all end the show and she be awoken from the dream world you had built for her. Make alterations to your schedules, your preferred places of outings and your habits. You will be amazed at the results. Don’t be taken aback if your woman suddenly comes back at you with a few questions here and there. She may be direct in her approach and make her intentions clearly know. She may also be a woman that she’s designed to be and simply drop further hints that she wants you.
  • Do not raise the bar of expectations too high. Some relationships sadly end at this point. In that case, count your losses and move on to your normal life. Somewhere in your normalcy, a woman will surface who will get melted with your advances.

Check out this video on How to Treat a Woman Properly:

Finally, The Jugular!

Once you are convicted that she’s in your game, it is advisable that you do not push the gaming too far.

It is time to reach for the jugular! She’s yours as long as you want to make her.

How to attract girls

It’s time to pull the icing off the cake and just be real with her. Lover her, if you may. Or simply laugh with her, not at her.

Take it to the next Level!

Further, whilst you may toy about, do not kill the allure! Make it dreamlike— with no chance of awakening.

With her implied or express permission, it may be time to move your relationship to the next level. Just flow with her to your romantic destination, the whole time during which you do not deliberately frustrate, lie or play with her emotions.

Similarly, it may be the correct time to consider easing the tension, sexual or otherwise, that may have been silently building over time.​

In Conclusion

In addition, create the correct impression about anticipated responses. Do not make any assumptions at this point. By this time, it is expected that you would have learned how to ‘read’ her.

It has been posited that women have the tendency of communicating to their loved ones in more ways than mere words. Unless you are not listening to her speech!

Finally, you have her now. You are both attracted with each other. Do not stop the playful games, teasing or even flirting.

Supposedly, these are the spices that will keep the relationship alive and worth telling about.

Written by Terrence Kennedy

Terrence Kennedy is the man’s man on a journey to self-discovery. A traveler, extreme sports aficionado, an observant wanderer, a DIY-Know-How, an ultimate outsider and a documentarist of culture, sex, dating, relationship, fashion, style and gentleman's etiquette. He has learned a lot through his escapades, and is happy to pass that knowledge on to you.