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How to be Romantic – Simplest Things Men Can Do to be One

Over the years both young and old men alike have asked one question more than anything else … “how can I be more romantic?”

Well, you might have read articles that have answered this question throughout the years.

But here we shall look at the ideas and suggestions that can make you more romantic and of course, more likable.

how to be romantic

There are some guidelines to follow when you try to come up with your own romantic gestures.."

Interestingly, not many men are comfortable when it comes to sweet romantic gestures and new ideas in relationships. How can a macho guy plan a romantic dinner or bring flowers home for no reason?


The fact is you can impress your lady without going too far out of your masculine ways. Yes, every guy can be romantic and continue reading to find out more about how to be romantic and dazzle her.

Romance tips: Simple and Very Effective Ways on How to Be More Romantic

5 Essential Elements of How to Be Romantic

The Element of Surprise

Guys, a surprise is absolutely critical in your gesture. After all, if your actions become predictable, you will only come across as boring.

Make sure you keep your partner on her toes if you want to see your relationship flourish night and days. On a separate note, majority women like surprises.

It can be a “random” trip. Without ruining the surprise, tell her to pack enough for a weekend beach getaway. 

She’ll take the hint and bring nice holiday dresses and tankini tops by SwimSpot, a brand that makes functional and fabulous swimwear for every woman. 

That’s also your cue to look your best, and you are all set for a relaxing and romantic time.

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Be thoughtful because it will return exponentially

In terms of effort, a truly romantic gesture is one that is thoughtful. If your partner knows that you are putting in your time, energy and effort to make her feel special, you won’t have trouble in winning her heart.

Be in tune with the right wave length to your partner

The romantic gesture you choose needs to be calibrated to your partner.

Simply put, if the romantic moment or place you have planned doesn’t match up to what your lady likes, everything would fall flat.

When you talk about being romantic the last thing you should do is plan anything without thinking. Instead, take your time to figure out what would make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Decide to make it happen

Don’t just plan romantic dinners on Valentine’s Day or her birthday. Taking the initiative and sending her warm messages and flowers on a random day can make your life easier.

Yes, your romance should be self initiated, and not because the calendar said so.

Keep it simple

You don’t have to spend a lot of money and even time to make your romantic gesture stand out.

Even a simple thing such as sending a text message or making bed for her while she is busy taking a shower can speak volumes about how you feel about her.

If your lady wants you to learn how to be romantic, it doesn’t mean she is interested in dining out or fancy jewelry. In fact, you can be more romantic a lot of times without putting much thought or effort into it

Simple Gestures You Should Do to be Extra-Romantic

how to be romantic

Make a list of important dates you can celebrate together

It’s always a plus to be able to remember a few dates and celebrating important occasions can keep your lady engaged and stimulated.

Like humor, you can work on being able to remember dates too. But don’t force it though or be too confrontational for the sake of it.

Yes, if you don’t remember the date you first met, stop stalking your chats. Just bring her favorite drink without warning – relax, you can’t go wrong with this one.

If you’ve always had the ability to remember dates, it’s a precious gift that you should continue to cultivate.

After all, it is one thing that can serve you well in your endeavors with ladies.

Make her something special

You can write a poem about her or get a personalized photo frame designed with the photo of the two of you together. Some guys prefer to cook her special dish or favorite cuisine or even make her favorite dessert.

Women love their men to do something creative for them and it can be a dinner, a poem, or a painting. Creating personalized items shows that you are willing to put in time, effort and emotion to impress your lady. And needless to say, men who care about their lady are irresistible.

It doesn’t really matter whether you design an expensive painting or simply decorate the photo frame at home. Your lady would only notice that you care about something beyond yourself and that’s particularly impressive.

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Demonstrate that you think about her even when she’s not around

A romantic connection is awesome and important. In fact it is one thing that can make your relationship last.

Sure your lady would feel good knowing you care about her, but it feels even better when you think about them even when she’s not around. A bedtime phone call is affectionate because she knows you are putting in the effort. Don’t hold back your feelings when you send her “miss you” or “I love you” texts.

Similarly, you don’t have to wait to meet her to confess your love. Just send her a quick text message or an email whenever you want to.

Remember, getting texts and emails from your partner when you least expect them can make any lady smile so hard.

Do you pick your lady up?

No, we are not talking about picking her for dinner or after work. If you haven’t planned anything for Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing to worry about.

By the way, if you are a gym person, this might be just the thing to spark that chemistry between you and your partner right now. Use the power of touch to redefine “how to be romantic’ and make a lasting impression on your lady. Yes, that initial surprise moment when you wrap your arms around her waist and hug her tight will always be welcomed.

Some of you might feel that it is cheesy, but most women feel nice to be wrapped in a man’s embrace.

To really complete that romantic gesture, lift your lady and spin (we mean literally!). This moment will surely remind your lady of your strength and of course your ability to sweep her off her feet.

Notice the Small Things

how to be romantic

We all love to be appreciated so complimenting placement of her hair when you’re lying together or the power of her favorite scent can work wonders.

Most women want their partners to do thoughtful things for them every day. You can make her a cup of coffee in the morning or leave a chocolate bar on her pillow before you leave.

Remember, everyone loves a romantic surprise and your woman will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The bottom line is that women love to be pampered and romance is an appealing quality.

That’s right. Romantic men are difficult to resist and planning romantic gestures can make you a great person to be around.


Remember being romantic is something you can work on and it comes down to the little things like remembering what your girlfriend tells you and communicating honestly and openly.

So what are you waiting for? Give our romance tips and suggestions a go!

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Written by Terrence Kennedy

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