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Best Places To Meet Women

So your plan to just blast “All the Single Ladies” from your iPhone to figure out who is single and who is not then go from there, hasn’t worked out for you, and you can’t stand bars or dance clubs?

As the weekend quickly approaches, you feel the single doldrums coming up again. The idea of binge watching Netflix, playing video games and surfing the web sounds semi-appealing, but these activities are getting you nowhere at the speed of making dinner by warming up a Hot Pocket in the microwave. Yet it seems like the only place to really go meet women is the old bar hook-up, which can be okay, but sometimes we want to explore something beyond what the bar has to offer.

places to meet women

"There are plenty of places to meet women that also just so happen to coincidentally enrich and improve your life, .."

Do not fear that you will spend the rest of your life alone yet or settling for some sleazy, semi-crazy girl from the bar due to lack of alternative options! There are plenty of places to meet women that also just so happen to coincidentally enrich and improve your life, so that when you do meet the girl of your dreams you’ll actually be more appealing and interesting.

By the way, these aren’t listed in any particular order, because you just never know when/where you’ll meet someone you’re really into. Don’t be afraid to try multiple things on this list to see what would be a good match to add to your regular routine.

As an intro, check out this video:​

The Best Places to Meet Women​

5K Marathons

A 5k marathon is a great way to kick-start your plan to get in better shape and meet women at the same. You can search for women in longer marathons, but usually everyone is beyond exhausted after longer running events.

There is such good energy surrounding these types of events, because you usually won’t be able to find a negative person who goes out to run a marathon.

Not to mention many of them dual as fundraising events, so you may be finding a girl who wants to stay fit and is generous! What more could a guy ask for?

Hang out before the event or after the event to participate in some of the activities and snacks. Running provides a huge topic for you to ask women question about how they train, where did they get there running shoes and that sort of thing.​

Wine Tasting Rooms

This one does involve alcohol, so it can almost edge on the bar category for some people. What sets it apart is that most people do not really go to vineyard to get drunk, but rather experience the craft of wine. By visiting a vineyard, you get to further appreciate wine while expand your palette.

Best Places To Meet Women

These places can be plagued with couples, but there are usually groups of girlfriends that will hit go out to a winery for fun. They will be pleased to find the company of a man sophisticated enough to want to graduate from the piss that Americans call beer.

Book Clubs

Being a book worm may not have been sexy in high school, but like many “uncool” things we may have done in our adolescence, it can play to your advantage now.

Joining a book club also gives you an excuse to make good friends and perhaps an interesting lady while exploring new books. This is the perfect venue for interesting conversation. You have an assigned topic, the book, along with a pre-ordained common interest, so maybe prepare yourself with related topics beforehand to discuss with ladies of interest.

Check online, at book stores and libraries to try to find a local book club in your area. If you live in an urban area there is even a chance that they will have book clubs for singles, and these are ideal for those searching for a mate.

As a bonus, sometimes these groups offer snacks and drinks. Just saying.​

Yoga Classes

But… yoga is for girls. Exactly! When you enter a yoga class, be prepared to be one of the only guys in the room. For many guys the lack of other dudes can feel a bit off-putting, because no guy really wants to be perceived as wimp.

More enlightened men see the room for potential. Lack of competition with an appetite for Zen? If you ask a lot of women, they’ll find that kind of hot.

Yoga also helps reduce stress and anxiety, so that when it comes time to approach a woman you can keep your cool by using the brain tricks that yoga teaches its loyal students.

You may even be surprised how much you actually like the physically challenging and mentally soothing practice. The girls in skin-tight pants don’t hurt the enjoyment of the class either.


Obviously this healthy place isn’t for everyone, and we mean no disrespect toward anyone of any affiliation, or lack thereof, by bringing churches up.

There are many churches out there that cater to a younger crowd, namely The Living Room. If you are older, that isn’t even a barrier.

We know that religion and sexy time usually don’t mix, but you may be surprised about the ambitious, unique and even liberal women that you will find at churches.

Don’t come on too strong, because after all, god is literally watching yourself, and he really doesn’t want to face palm at your lack of conversation skills.

For your own benefit, churches often offer a great sense of community that just about anyone who is feeling a bit lonely can benefit from. Even if you aren’t too much into the fire and brimstone scene, many different churches offer a lot more than judgment. Unless you are a complete atheist, check out a church to see what/who you may find.

Gallery Openings

Gallery openings are a great time to check out the productivity of local artists in your area. Often at these events people to dress to impress while enjoying light snacks and drinks.

Best Places To Meet Women

The art at the gallery obviously gives you a lot of different things to talk about with just about anyone, so maybe brush up on your skills of analyzing works of art.

Also, don’t be afraid to say anything silly or witty to diffuse some of the pretension out of the air, because many people feel a bit inhibited by these types of events.

Being yourself is key, so if you don’t get a work of art don’t be afraid to say so. Making art and looking at art is all about self-expression, no?

Open Mic Nights/ Slam Poetry

A lot of these are in bar settings, so you’ll have to be careful on where you pick your venue. Lots of coffee shops and churches host these types of events, so don’t fear that these types of events are restricted to bars.

Even when they are in bar though, they tend to attract a more interesting and creative crowd than what you’ll typically find in a bar. Regardless of where you go, there usually are plenty of women at these events to chat with.

In addition, you may even have poetry, music that you may want to share with the audience. Regardless it is good for the soul to enjoy an evening of words, music and fun.

In Class

Are you still continuing your education with night classes or working on a degree? Have you not noticed all the beautiful and intelligent young women around you?

Spend the time to get to know your classmates to see if there may be any dating potential. The only problem with this one is that obviously if the date goes bad, you’ll be stuck with this individual until the end of the class.

Hiking Groups

Best Places To Meet Women

Hiking groups are a perfect excuse to explore the beauty your local area has to offer with a friendly crowd. Here you will meet girls who don’t mind getting a little dirty and care about fitness.

They also usually are literally and metaphorically down to earth, so they can be very easy to talk to in the first place.

As a bonus, you get to work on your health and fitness while de-stressing. Between work and trying to meet a girl, you definitely do need some down time!

Dating Sites & Apps 

Okay, this one won’t necessarily make your life more interesting, but it does expand your options vastly from just the people you can meet on the street.

It is also a great option for people on a budget or who are just a bit too busy to find the time to go out. It also serves as good practice for making conversation with various women, although admittedly it is usually easier to type out conversation rather actually having to say something to someone who is right in front of you.

Local Events

Bike nights, chili-cook offs, festivals, fundraisers, parades are great events to meet people who are immersed in your community. These types of events usually attract ladies who are immersed in the local community and enjoy being out. With all the sites and attractions of these types of events, there are plenty of things to bring up and ask about, so the conversation will practically make itself for you.

It is good to get involved in these sorts of events to help you feel a part of the social community that you live in. People often take advantage of these types of events by not attending, so you help continue encouraging the growth of community in your area by just being there.

Community Service

Find a woman with a big heart and sharp mind at events where people are gathered to give back to the community.

Finding a potential partner isn’t just about searching for someone who is cute and smart, but we also want to find someone who is ideally caring. Bring up important social issues surrounding the service, or maybe inquire about what she does when she isn’t helping save the world.

Even if you don’t meet any hot chicks at this event, you’ve got some good karma coming your way by helping people in need. Or if you’re lucky you may leave the event with a date and that great feeling you get after doing something good for the world.

Lunch Spots

We have a tendency to limit our attempts at courting to the night time hours, but women do come out during the day.

Lunch spots offer somewhere neutral to approach a woman where she won’t feel threatened or weird by you making conversation with her. You can even ask her if she minds you sitting with her while you eat your lunch, so you sort of make an improve date on the spot.

Spending time eating lunch and socializing helps us enjoy our lunch breaks more. It so helps us use time efficiently by packing in eating lunch and practicing socializing into a scheduled part of the day.

Swimming Pool

By swimming pools, we mean the local lap pools where people go to exercise. Indoor or outdoor, swimming pools can be a tricky place to meet women, but it is a good area to make small talk with people.

The only touchy area about this is that some women can feel a bit exposed when they are wearing just swimwear, so make sure not to leer too much at practically seeing them naked.

Also, probably stray away from complimenting them on their athletic swimwear, because this will make them think you are a creep.

While you are at it you can get a great workout that doesn’t damage your joints. Work on that physique so that you can impress the ladies with the swimmer’s bod.

Local Parks

Enjoying the great outdoors is really something we should try to do on a daily basis, but just occasionally visiting the park really can enhance your mood.

While you are it scan the park for some women who may be enjoying the nice weather alongside you. Even if she looks like she is reading or working, most people don’t mind to be interrupted to chat for a short bit.

Pro tip: Make sure if the park is relatively empty to let her know you are approaching before plopping down beside her, because you don’t want to give the poor girl a heart attack.

By giving our mind a break from the constant stress of concrete, traffic and all that jazz, it helps us reset. A visit to the park almost serves as a mini-vacation, so don’t deprive yourself of these local treasures.

Written by Terrence Kennedy

Terrence Kennedy is the man’s man on a journey to self-discovery. A traveler, extreme sports aficionado, an observant wanderer, a DIY-Know-How, an ultimate outsider and a documentarist of culture, sex, dating, relationship, fashion, style and gentleman's etiquette. He has learned a lot through his escapades, and is happy to pass that knowledge on to you.