Flirty and Funny Questions to Ask a Girl You Just Met

Is it easier talking to a girl especially for the first time?

Even if you have a batch of polite questions to ask a girl you just met, it won’t be so smooth. It gets funny when you have all the questions listed in your head, but when you approach her, your memory fails.

Having a unique set of flirty and funny questions save you a lot and avoid the possibility of an unprecedented embarrassment. Crafting something witty during a conversation is difficult as it affects the flow of the conversation. Instead, have a random conversation to dodge awkward moments.

Sometimes it gets difficult how to text a girl you just met. Remember, perfection is rarely talked about with regards to starting, maintaining and finishing an engaging and entertaining conversation with a girl you just met.

In the world of dating, no specific formulas exist to offer governance. Men and women alike continually practice until they get good at it. To save yourself from unwanted shame and awkward instants, check out our flirty and comical questions to ask or text a girl you just met.

50 Polite and Random Questions to Ask a Girl You Just Met

questions to ask a girl you just met

Questions to Ask a Girl You Just Met

There are different questions to ask and text a girl you just met. Some might be about the future, present, past, commitment, or dreaded questions about first love, break ups, etc.

You may not want to list all the questions down but reading them frequently will help you memorize a handful.

The key word is to be polite.

Give your girl time as you anticipate her answers.

1. Do you love partying?

2. Do you enjoy reading?

3. What aspects of life amuse you always?

4. Do you admire nature?

5. Do you love spending time in nature?

6. What natural features can totally impress you?

7. What's the best book you ever read?

8. Do you believe the existence of soulmates for each person?

9. Did you play with an imaginary friend as a child?

10. Do you believe in God?

11. Would you want life to end on earth?

12. Which is the funniest pick-up line a guy has ever used on you?

13. What things delight you instantly?

14. Have you ever thought that aliens are real?

15. Have you ever fallen for someone by just talking to them via phone?

16. What’s your favorite type of music?

17. When is your birthday?

18. Which is the most memorable vacation you have ever been on?

19. What does your name mean?

20. What are your hobbies?

21. What subjects interest you the most?

22. Which sport interests you the most?

23. Who’s your role model?

24. Is there someone you look up to?

25. If you could only do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

26. Do you think girls should also make the first move?

27. Which habit of mine annoys you?

28. Do you think there it’s wrong to compare friendship and a love relationship?

29. What unique feature will be in your dream house?

30. What’s special about first love?

31. Do you believe in 'love at first sight'?

32. What is your idea for your wedding night?

33. Would you lie to save your best friend?

34. Do you think it is okay to lie in some situations?

35. Can you do without a smartphone for a year?

36. Are you an early riser?

37. What’s your favorite pet?

38. What movie has ever made an impact on you?

39. Are you an adventurous girl?

40. Have you ever fallen for a character in a movie?

41. While growing up, did you want to be more beautiful than you are now?

42. Did you play any adventure games during your childhood?

43. What are your two physical features that get the most compliments?

44. Which would you choose: A vampire or a Werewolf series?

45. Where do you picture yourself in ten years to come?

46. Do you lie about your age?

47. What are you excessively addicted to?

48. Have you ever blamed alcohol for the way you behaved?

49. In your own words ‘What are the most important traits of a man’

50. Which Law are you fond of breaking?

51. If you wrote a summary about our conversations, what would the theme be?

52. How effective are your texting skills?

Know your girl better and fast by supplementing the above questions with the ones discussed in this video. Women love polite and cool questions.

So, watch out and don’t ask offensive questions that will spoil her mood.

20 flirty questions to make her want you!

Women love to be teased. If you can’t play well with their minds and make them happier, you should up your game and make​ sure to leave a lasting impression.

Your interaction should precipitate a ‘liking’ feeling on the other end. These 20 flirty questions will make her fall for you:

questions to ask a girl you just met

"Women love to be teased..."

1. Which is the first region your eyes will glimpse at if you ever saw me nude?

2. If you had the chance to ask me to do something naughty for you, what would you prefer the most from me?

3. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you kissed and made out with someone because you were horny?

4. Has someone ever touched you accidentally and made you feel horny for a few minutes?

5. What is the nastiest moment you can remember in your school days that made you feel ashamed?

6. If we had 24 hours together, what do you think we would do?

7. Does seeing a nude guy turn you own or you need more than just seeing someone?

8. Where do you enjoy the most when touched?

9. Do you admit having sex because you were so horny and could not control yourself?

10. If you saw a wasp around my zip area without me noticing would you send it away or alert me to do it?

11. Have you ever had an unexpected orgasm?

12. Which ones are your favorites? Thongs or panties?

13. What’s your most loved natural teaser when it comes to pleasing a man until he wants for more?

14. Have you ever dreamt about being a lesbian?

15. What is your most preferred thing to do with a guy?

16. What other things do you prefer to do simultaneously while kissing?

17. What is the wildest sexual fantasy and secrets you love to indulge in at least once in your lifetime?

18. What kind of wears are you putting on now?

19. Have you ever asked a guy out and requested for sex afterwards?

20. What tricks do you use to turn on a guy fully?

Questions guys don’t ask a girl while dating

Live love but remember there are many questions men fail to ask girls when dating.

Some very vital questions are often forgotten and when they are asked later in the relationship, a doubtable answer causes discomfort.

Watch this dating advice YouTube video and learn the top questions you should never forget to ask a girl:


In conclusion, it becomes relatively harder asking questions a girl you just met. All you need is a set of simple yet provocative questions that will keep her captivated and comfortable with you.

Written by Terrence Kennedy

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