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Once Again About Love: Three Stages Which We All Undergo

There is no single definition of love; for everyone, it has its own, special, unique. The only thing that can be said for sure is that “butterflies in the stomach” do not appear by chance. In life, each of us goes through three stages of love. It can be falling in love with three different people or one love that changes character over time.

Everyone has their own unique experience. Someone needs to live several love stories before finding happiness. Some people immediately find a bride online at brides4love for life. Everyone goes through three stages of development of relationships, with one partner or with different ones.


1. Perfect Love

Ideal relationships are often teenage love in high school or college. For many, it is the first in life. We are overwhelmed with dreams, naivety, and innocence. Falling in love seems to be a feeling from fairy tales. Lovers lose their heads: it is hard for them to focus on anything other than the relationship. The partner becomes the topic of any conversation. Because of this, quarrels with parents and friends can arise. This ideal love becomes the most vivid memory of youth. While many have to face disappointment, it is a rewarding experience that helps us grow and mature.

2. Love as a Need

When perfect ideas about love fly apart, and we are faced with the real world, a new stage begins. Its companions are doubts, suffering, loneliness, and feelings of abandonment. Once disappointed, we become defenseless, and love takes on a different character. It becomes vital to change our state of mind. But we make a mistake again and become individualists.

Love should not be selfish, even for protection reasons. This relationship also leads to frustration and pain. We want to heal past wounds and choose relationships in which we love more for ourselves than for partners. Such love can be strong, stormy, sensual, but initially destructive.

3. Unexpected Love

Taking turns going to extremes, first fully devoting ourselves to another person, then getting too fixated on ourselves, we finally understand that none of these options work. Then we realize that it is worth moderating claims; that there is a balance between “giving everything to a partner” and “taking everything for yourself.” At the moment when the desire to find balance comes, we are ready to love for real. 

Love in adolescence is easier than relationships in a more mature and conscious age. As you grow older, the attitude towards writing a love story becomes more complicated, the veil and magic of love gradually dissipate. Now we have to take into account a lot of additional facts that did not play a role before. But the more life experience and wisdom, the clearer we begin to see the love relationship from the inside and analyze it.

Of course, we still make mistakes, but now we understand them, learn from them, and develop. Complicity, understanding, and sincerity are the keys closest to true love.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.