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Red Flags When Transitioning to an Offline Relationship

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Like many guys who enjoyed dating virtually during the pandemic, you probably did the same and ended up falling hard for a certain girl. And you are now ready to finally start dating her in person.

But how do you know if she’s just as serious and not a serial dater? Well, here are a few easy red flags you could look out for if it’s been a month:

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1. She is still active on dating apps

If she is serious about taking things further with you, she would have raised the topic of deactivating your dating profiles together. But if you find that she’s still active, she’s probably keeping her options open and isn’t quite ready to commit. Or perhaps she enjoys your company but hasn’t quite fallen for you. You’ll need to tell her in no uncertain words how you feel about her and ask her if she feels the same. If she doesn’t, it’s time to move on – here’s a cool guide on how to talk to girls and find a woman who matches your vibe.

2. You still haven’t met her friends and close contacts

If it’s been a month and you still haven’t met any of her friends (male or female), or work colleagues, this girl is either a lone wolf or is stashing you away from her inner circle. If you have introduced her to your people, and she shows no signs of doing the same, you’ll need to introspect a bit on what’s going on.

3. Her social media profiles are vague

So the girl you fancy has added you on Facebook or Instagram but you don’t really see photos of her family, colleagues, or friends. No vacation pics, no selfies with besties or cute dogs, no dinners or lunches. Nothing! The only thing she shares is memes or links to website articles. She’s no more than a stalker who uses social media to creep up on the lives of others while giving away nothing about hers.

4. She is cryptic about her address and place of work

If you’ve been having her over at your place, enjoying extended drinking bouts, Netflix sessions, and cooking her breakfast the next morning, but you still have no clue where she lives, something’s amiss. Another classic telltale sign is that she doesn’t want to be dropped right outside her home. Worse still, she is vague about her job and place of work – she says she is a freelancer or consultant but you have no idea what her actual profession is or who she works for.

5. She refers to you as a “friend”

If someone calls to ask what she’s up to, and she answers that she’s with a friend. Or if you guys bump into someone she knows, and you are introduced as a friend, this should be cause for concern. If you guys have had “the talk” and decided to date each other exclusively, there’s no reason you should be stashed away as a “friend.” Tell her how this makes you feel and move on to a woman who is happy to flaunt you as her boyfriend. This requires understanding how to start conversations with a girl.

6. She stops wanting to have sex with you

 If things were great in the beginning but she’s suddenly put off by the idea of sex with you, the writing is on the wall – she has lost attraction for you. Of course, she isn’t going to admit it, and will instead claim to be tired and burned out, or have a migraine. If this pattern continues and she shows no signs of getting it on with you, RUN. She’s with you for the benefits you bring whether emotional, monetary, or otherwise.

7. She demands instant exclusivity too fast

If it’s only been a few weeks and she’s already asking how serious you are about her, how much you love her, and what the future holds, you might want to take a step back. This woman seems to be in a tearing hurry to hold you down and get hitched which is unusual for most women who would rather take their time when making life-altering decisions.

8. She has a bagful of tricks to make you pay

You guys are just about to settle that restaurant check and she goes:

– Sh*t! I forgot my card at home! Could you cover it?

– Yikes, I’ve forgotten my phone – and can’t swipe with my app!

– Oops, I think I left my purse in the other bag.

Or she goes to the washroom just in time before the check arrives. Or hands over a card that is declined. All classic signs of a tried-and-tested freeloader. You’re better off without her.

9. She starts asking you for money

She has now ascertained that you’re head over heels in love with her, so much so that you’ve even resigned yourself to a sexless relationship because you don’t want to lose her. At this point, if she starts making demands for large sums of money to cover her rent or other expenses, you might want to tread lightly with this girl.

Now that you know the red flags you need to look out for in a woman you’ve just started dating, don’t settle for less. Move on in your quest to find a high-quality woman.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.