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How To Build A Sustainable Home Work Out Routine

You probably already know how exercise is essential to your health. But even with this fact, many people are still struggling to incorporate exercise into their lifestyles. Some may have started their fitness journey only to quit on it after a few weeks or months. Meanwhile, others may not have established any fitness routine at all. Eventually, the problem isn’t always about how to start working out. It’s more about keeping up and staying consistent with the exercise routine you’ve created.

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Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to help you keep up with whatever exercise routine you go for. So, find out below how you can build a sustainable home workout routine.   

1. Start Small  

One of the reasons some people quit on their fitness goals or exercise routine is because it’s too challenging or too ambitious. But the thing is, creating complicated workout routines isn’t the solution to achieving your goals in the shortest time possible. Engaging in intensive exercises right away will not only discourage you but could also physically hurt you during the process.   

So, start small by doing easier and quicker exercises. For instance, instead of pressuring yourself to do 25 sit-ups in the morning, begin by doing 5 to 10 sit-ups. It may sound too short and may not have a huge impact on your fitness goals, but it’s a lot easier to commit.  

Another way to start small is exercising by using your body as your workout equipment, as it’s simpler and more manageable than using workout equipment right away. You can easily learn more about how to do exercises without using any equipment on various fitness websites online. Starting small will allow your body to get used to new physical activities. Plus, baby steps are better than no steps at all.  

2. Create Specific And Achievable Goals  

Some would probably say that they need to work out to be physically fit. However, ‘being physically fit’ may sound too unclear and vague to be considered a SMART goal. So, when embarking on an at-home workout routine, make sure you have clear and achievable goals to keep you motivated. Specific goals may sound like:  

  • Stretch your body for 1-2 minutes every morning.   
  • Do ten jumping jacks.  
  • Do five to ten squats per day. 

Being able to tick off these goals from your list will make you feel good about yourself and be more motivated to keep doing what you’ve already started. Most importantly, these small yet specific goals will be your path towards achieving your final and ultimate goal, which is to be fit.  

3. Dedicate A Space For Your At-Home Workout  

For some, they prefer working out at home than at the gym as it minimizes the pressure of being surrounded by other gym-goers who seem to be doing so well with their workouts. However, working out at home can also be difficult if distractions always surround you. Plus, seeing the pile of dishes or the laundry basket may easily distract you from doing your workout.  

Thus, you must dedicate a space specifically for your at-home workout. It can be your spare room in the house or the farthest corner of your bedroom. Having a dedicated space will minimize any interactions and motivate you to tackle your routine before anything else. You can also make your workout space more motivating by investing in home workout equipment if your budget permits. 

4. Do Something You Enjoy  

Another reason some people quit their home workouts is that they find it boring. But the truth is, you’re in control of how you can make your workout fun and exciting. So, instead of pushing yourself to do some exercises that you hate or don’t enjoy, find some type of movement that you consider enjoyable and can be considered a form of exercise.  

It can be dancing, weight lifting, yoga, or jumping on a trampoline. These physical activities won’t feel like a chore when you’re having fun, and you’re more likely to stay consistent. Once your body is used to doing these movements, you can incorporate another type of workout into your routine.   

5. Create A Workout Journal  

A workout journal will make it easier to jot down your goals, list your workout routine, and track your progress. You can write down the type of exercises you’ve included in your workout routine and record the number of minutes or repetitions you’ve accomplished. This way, whenever there are days when you feel unmotivated or lazy to do any workout at all, you can look back on these pages and let yourself realize that you’ve already come so far.   

6. Have An Alternative Plan For Sudden Changes In Schedule

Even with a perfect home workout plan, changes or disruptions to your routine are still bound to happen. Disruptions can be something like having a scheduled business trip for three days or being asked to work overtime for the whole week. These may hinder you from sticking to your workout routine, and sometimes, they could even cause you to lose track and forget that you had a workout routine in the first place.   

Thus, prepare an alternative plan for these sudden changes. For example, if you’re scheduled for a three-day business trip, see if you can insert at least 5 minutes of workout in your hotel room. If you are at work for the whole week due to the requested overtime, check if you can reduce your workout time at home to 5 to 10 minutes. Once everything’s back to normal, you can check your workout journal and resume the normal workout routine you had. 

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Final Thoughts  

Building a sustainable home workout routine means starting small while working your way up. The lower you set the bar and the smaller steps you choose to take, the more sustainable and easier it’ll be to commit and stick to your routine. So, use these tips to help you put together a sustainable home workout routine.   

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.

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