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3 Health Problems that Should Concern Men

There’s an age-old question that many wives constantly struggle with, and that’s:

“Why don’t you visit the doctor?”

When you were a child, your parents kept on dragging you for checkups and vaccinations. But now that you’re an adult, who needs to pay attention to your health?

Unfortunately, most men get too lazy to ring up the doctor and ask for help. They feel like their “machismo” will be called into question, and therefore they’ll stop seeking advice or request assistance. 

This negligence act tends to worsen with age as health conditions get overlooked and put off more frequently.

Oh, look, there’s an ingrown nail on my toe. Better take care of it now before things get worse-said no male ever.

If you belong to the group of males who care about what happens to them, by all means, continue reading. 

And if you belong to the group of males who don’t give a hoot, by all means, give a hoot and read this for your sake!

So why should you be concerned more often? Here are three common issues that make you think twice!

The Toe Fungus

It can start as either an ingrown toenail or a nail discoloration.

Fungus such as yeast can develop on your toenail if you wear warn-off track shoes for occasional runs or if you wear tight shoes more often.

While you might not want to buy new shoes every year, it’s OK to get rid of old shoes once you see they’ve become problematic. If you notice redness or soreness on your toes, it means your shoes are giving you discomfort. 

Moreover, damp shoes and socks are more likely to foster an environment for fungus development. So if you happen to sweat excessively, make sure you wash and dry out your feet after a run as soon as possible.

Don’t let the sweat dry out on its own since it will take more time and create a perfect condition for bacteria and fungi to spread.

Moreover, a fungus that has changed from light yellow to green is of significant concern and should be treated by your doctor immediately! Or they’ll start to eat away your toenail!

The Smoking Dilemma

How many campaigns have gone out that advertise the harmful effects of smoking?

Too many.

Countries such as Australia have even resorted to using plain packaging (the absence of brands and flashy pictures) to depict the adverse effects of smoking. These packages display the consequences of smoking by showing yellow teeth, black lungs, and hollow throats.

It might seem too graphic for some, but it is a harsh reality after all.

While getting smoking patches or transitioning to e-cigarettes might sometimes work, in severe cases when you find it hard to quit, why not consult a psychologist. Many times there are specific stressors that trigger someone to smoke. 

However, if your primary concern is boredom, place a gum or some dark chocolate next to it wherever you place your pack of cigarettes. And try to take the snacks every time you feel the urge to put something in your mouth.

Erectile Dysfunction 

Do you have problems with your member?

(cricket sounds)

Sir, do you have issues performing in bed?

(cricket sounds intensify)

It might get too uncomfortable to talk about your sexual issues but think of the long-term results. If you keep on postponing your problems, then be prepared for future invasive therapies!

Instead, try to talk it out with your partner, or better yet, with a health professional. Stop putting up walls and start taking action for the sake of your emotional and sexual health.

Luckily, you don’t have to be embarrassed to walk in a general clinic full of judgmental eyes. 

You can reach out to a men’s health clinic in Australia that provides exclusive treatment and a careful approach to dealing with either erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.