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Recover, Repair & Restore Using LED & Laser treatment Loved By Professionals with the MOVE+

Now you can recover at home just like the professionals do. The MOVE+ LED & Laser device is loved by professional athletes who use it to recover from pain and inflammation on the go. An extremely portable device that offers pain relief from inflammation using safe and well tested LED & Laser therapies.


The advanced technology on the MOVE+ offers targeted relief to your joints, helping to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. The lasers in the MOVE+ can penetrate through your tissue to treat deeper joints than LED therapy can by itself. Just a single 5-min session helps to improve blood flow and can start to reduce inflammation and pain.

Being a very portable device means you can take it with you on the go. You could even use it right after a gym session, seeing as it is just a 5-min treatment at a time. With medical-grade light therapy you know you’ll get real benefits from these quick treatments. You no longer need to see a doctor to access these benefits.

  • LED & Laser combined in one device for maximum impact
  • Lasers penetrate deeply into the skin, reaching your joints
  • Three modules ensure you can surround the joint and no area is left untreated
  • Recover just like a professional athlete
  • Risk-free 30 day home trial, so you can feel the difference with no worries
  • Worldwide shipping making it super accessible
MOVE LED & Laser device

At the end of the day, if you are experiencing pain in your joints, this is a must-try therapy tool. The lasers help to decrease inflammation and stimulate collagen production. Most users report an 80% reduction in pain within 1-4 weeks. The 30-day home trial will ensure you know you get benefit before fully committing to the device.

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Written by Mark Greene

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