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When You Can Only Pick One Knife, Pick the WESN Allman Pocket Knife

If you’re the type of person who enjoys quality products made from high-quality materials that will last generations, then this knife is for you. WESN started out with humble beginnings, it all began with an innocent Kickstarter campaign. Fast forward to 2022, and they’re now an established brand based in Detroit, USA.

WESN Allman Pocket Knife

The Allman is a one-size-fits-all knife. It’s not too small, not too big, but just right. Perfect as an EDC (every day carry). The blade comes in at 2.8”, and the folded length is just 3.8”. This compact sizing makes it easy to slip into your pocket or backpack.

The Allman is made from high-quality materials that are intended to last decades, even becoming a family heirloom. The blade itself is crafted from highly durable CPM S35VN steel. This is one of the best high-end steels because it offers excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. Fair warning that it’s not the easiest to sharpen due to its hardness. But when it is sharp, it holds the edge for a long period of time.

  • The CPM S35VN Steel blade means you won’t need to sharpen this knife as often
  • Grade 5 Titanium for the handle is used throughout the aerospace industry, so you know it’s going to last
  •  G10 is the toughest fibre resin laminate, so your knife can look good and last years
  • Small size for easy EDC
  • Big enough blade for most jobs you’ll encounter on the daily
  • Sharp colour options for every taste
WESN Allman Pocket Knife EDC Gear

WESN has thought about personalisation with the Allman to ensure it really is the one knife for anyone. You can customize the colours and material of the handle. There’s the option of space-grade Titanium or G10 for the handle. G10 is the most durable fibre resin laminate available which allows for the use of colours. Midnight Mustard has to be the most striking of the lot, with the black blade standing out against the mustard G10 handle.

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Written by Mark Greene

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