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Own a Classic of American History in a Beautiful Colourway – the Estie by Esterbrook

Esterbrook pens are synonymous with American history during the 19th and 20th centuries. From presidents to Disney artists, these pens have witnessed history being made. So clearly, Esterbrook is doing something right with its pens. The Estie is a return to form for Esterbrook. With a clean design that draws inspiration from 1930s pens, it’s a great way to enter the world of quality pens.

Estie by Esterbrook

When you pick up an Estie you’ll immediately notice the quality of craftsmanship. It sits comfortably in the hand and you won’t tire during long writing sessions. The Estie continues a tradition of interchangeable nibs, from Modern to Vintage. You’ll need an adapter to utilise older nibs, sold separately.

The Estie Honeycomb is inspired by the rich golden ambers of a honeycomb. Honey is as old as time itself, with ancient civilisations consuming it as early as 8,000 years ago. It’s also one product that never goes off, with still edible 3,000-year old honey being discovered in Egyptian pyramids. The idea of longevity is behind this pen – it is built to last decades.

Estie by Esterbrook Pen
  • Quality construction for decades of use
  • Well-balanced pen to ensure you can use it for hours of writing
  • Beautiful warm amber colours used as a homage to honeycomb
  • Own a piece of history, with pens by Esterbrook used by presidents

Esterbrook created the Estie with the desire to introduce fine writing equipment to a new generation. The Estie can be customised with a wide array of tips and the trip come in both Gold and Palladium. For those who want to try their hand at a fountain pen, this is a great start. And for everyone just wanting to upgrade day-to-day writing, a quality ballpoint is on offer.

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Written by Mark Greene

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