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Unique and Functional KOSMOS Pen To The Rescue

Titan matte

Experience a whole different level of writing with KOSMOS. Kosmos pen makes use of a sophisticated magnetic mechanism while embodying a simplistic design. In order to write, all you have got to do is shift the cap to unlock it. The mechanism also serves to give the KOSMOS pen unique appearances when it is either being used to write or when it is idle.

Titan matte

The KOSMOS Titan is manufactured from solid grade-5 Titanium which makes it a very durable piece. Despite the material it is made from, the KOSMOS Titan also boasts of having a very light weight coupled with the guarantee of a long lifespan. It is also resistant to scratches and has a very sleek and smooth feel to the hand. Its shank contrasts beautifully with the other parts of the pen due to multiple polishing stages that makes it shine.

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Written by Mark Greene

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