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Wingback – A Buy Once Pen That Will Impress You

Wingback Mechanical Pen

The Wingback Mechanical Pen is built to last for a lifetime, and it ensures consistent performance, optimal comfort, and offers personalisation.

Pens are traditionally something that you use and throw away after a while, but Wingback aims to change that. The project is currently funding on Kickstarter and for good reason, has had amazing success.

The Wingback Mechanical Pen will last a lifetime, and the Fisher PR4 cartridge will deliver consistent performance throughout. The idea was to design a pen that you would only have to buy once and is good enough quality to pass down through generations. The pen is machined in the UK from stainless steel or brass, and the beautiful design lives up to the manufacturing attention to detail. You can personalize your pen with up to 50 laser-engraved letters of your choice, and select limited editions featuring the artwork of selected illustrators take the aesthetics to the next level.

Wingback has a 3/8-inch diameter, it is 4.63 inches long, and features a knurled grip for improved functionality. You can lock the nib into its position with a simple twist and refilling the pen is effortless with the Fisher PR4 refill.

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Written by Mark Greene

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