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Favourite Tunes With No Interruptions at the Range, Thanks to the Stealth 28HTBT

Have you ever been down to the range and just wanted to chill out listening to your favourite songs? Shooting guns is a hugely relaxing activity for many of us, and it can be even better if you add the right music alongside. The Stealth 28 HTBT could be just the earphones you’re looking for.

Stealth 28 HTBT ear protection

First things first, the 28 HTBT is a protective earphone. It’s perfect for environments with loud noises, like a gun range. You need to have some kind of ear protection, and this is a great solution for that.

Second, these are high-quality noise-isolating earphones. The audio is provided by a 10mm diameter speaker and dual drivers that deliver excellent quality sound. Anyone who loves music will appreciate the quality of sound these earphones are capable of producing.

Top-of-the-line Bluetooth technology means you get a good connection with zero lag. This tech also gives you a crisper sound and a deeper bass. Behind-the-head electronic hearing protectors ensure a better fit while wearing safety glasses, or any glasses. It’s snug, but not tight.

Stealth 28 HTBT Noise isolating microphones

The actual earphones are tiny in size, and with the light weight (27g) it almost feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. This is thanks to putting all the clunky tech into the back, behind your head.

  • Lightweight perfect to long wear, just 27g
  • Rechargeable using a USB-C
  • Top of the line Bluetooth means you can enjoy crystal clear sound, and a deeper base
  • Noise isolation ensures you have clearer phone calls
  • A hybrid digital/analog system ensures you’re protected from loud noises while still enjoying natural-sounding amplification

In short, if you enjoy heading down to the gun range, and would love to listen to your favourite tunes, then these are a great set of earphones.

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Written by Mark Greene

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