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Time to be Hip with these Cool Flasks for Men

The common adage is that dog is man’s best friend. This is mostly true, but men also have a secret best friend, one who remains hidden until the opportune moment, one who gives you a fuzzy feeling and always makes you feel better. That secret friend is the hip flask.

The hip flask which found fame during the 1920s prohibition and within comedy as an agent of inappropriateness has been around in different forms since medieval times, where the gentry would keep their distilled alcohols in gutted fruits.

Cool Flasks for Men

"Having a hip flask is also the true gentleman’s ideal accessory."

Modern day hip flasks are more commonly made of stainless metals and are an almost mandatory gift for a young bachelor at some point in their life. The question is; why do you need one?

The hip flask used to be perfect for gentlemen because it allowed men to consume their favourite malt at any given moment, this was also in the times where drinking at work was more acceptable, rather than a ‘serious conduct violation’, later on it became a classy way of distinguishing yourself from the crowd of lager drinkers, and in modern day it has retained these wonderful uses and gained more myriad.

With the 21st century recession, making booze became more of a luxury than it has ever been, it is time to turn to the hip flask or comfort. Why pay $10 for a beer when you can sip on your secret stash to get the buzz you want.

If price isn’t your issue, get the flask for convenience. All men have found themselves behind a legion of booze thirsty clubbers at the bar, all vying for attention and preventing you from obtaining your libations. This is the time to sip on your sauce and watch the increasingly desperate crowds beg for attention.

For those of you who are older and no longer have the luxury of attending bars, but instead frequent the family affairs commonly associated with adulthood, the flask can serve you too.

Picture this; you’re at your nephews play, watching the mumbled words and aggressive stage lighting which accompanies school plays, wishing that there was some resolve and reward for your sacrificial act.

This is where your flask comes in, you and any other of the supportive parents and family members may share the drink and form a bond over surviving another re-telling of nativity.

If you don’t know which flask to choose, just consider whether you want a refined stainless flask for work, or one which has some character, or even a conversation starter. When choosing the flask consider when and how you are likely to use it and find the one that fits you best.

The only problem with flasks is choosing the best. Below are the top 10 flasks for your liquor.

The Top of its Class Cool Flasks for Men in the Market Today

The Flask For the Old School Man: The Cigar Flask ($21.98)

                                 The Cigar Flask

If you are a whiskey man, someone who likes subtle burn and ensuing warmness which engulfs your body’s senses, then this could be the flask for you. The more old-school gentleman among you will know that whiskey is accompanied perfectly by a cigar.

This flask, which can be engraved with a message of your choosing and has space within the flask for two cigars. Apart from being an awesome affectation to have and wonderfully unique conversation starter at a party, this flask is arguably the best gift for groomsmen out there.

Take a sip of a triple distilled single malt and light up a robusto with your best friends.

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The Flask For Joker Of the Group: Comical Flask ($17)

                              Comical Flask

If you want less classic more fun, then opt for a flask which has more character to it. When it comes down to the choice of a flask, you should always pick one which best reflects its owner. If you are the funnier, quirky bloke, go for a one like this Ron Burgundy flask.

Not only will it represent your sense of humor but it will also attract questions; people will want to know first of all why you have a flask and secondly why it has an Anchorman quote on it.

This is a double WHAMMY (said like Champ Kind from the film); it gets people talking and gives you the chance to talk about things you enjoy.

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The Flask For The Busy Man: Secret Weapon ($56)

                  Secret Weapon

For ultimate sneaky drinking and portability, this 1oz flask will allow you to drink almost anywhere. You don’t have to carry around a large pocket busting 6oz flask, which will only draw attention to you, instead you can carry this covert little sauce shipper into events you’re probably not meant to.

Attach it to your keychain, and take it wherever you go. Just make sure to refill often, given the limited size. While its bigger brothers may have volume on their side, this little fella gives you the advantage of being a furtive drinker.

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The Flask For The Party Man: Problem Solver ($30)

                  Problem Solver flask

This beast of a flask is known as the Sasquatch, and you can see why. This one may not be for actual daily consumption, or for carrying around with for the day to day life, however it is fantastic gift and well worth a purchase.

This flask could also be a great party piece, using it as a storage device for the party’s whiskey selection. This 128oz behemoth of booze portability (or lack of) is the granddaddy of hip-flasks, although you’d be lucky to carry this on your hip, and should be used with some caution….Or not, your choice.

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The Flask For The Wedding Goer: Monday Blues Beater ($30)

                       Monday Blues Beater Flask Tie

Drinking never solved any problems. But having a tie flask will certainly help you get through those Monday morning meetings or late nights at the office when you’re pushed for a deadline. If work boozing isn’t your thing, then consider this a tool for wedding optimization.

You and your friends need not be without your favourite beverage during the somewhat duller proceedings of the actual marrying bit, just crack open your 8oz tie and wait till party time.

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The Flask For The Friendly Gentleman: Sharing is Caring ($30)

                  Shot flask

The shot flask is a fantastic invention for those of you who love to share a drink with a friend over a few stories and few shots. This 8oz flask carries a good amount of booze for you and your friends, meaning you can turn those awkward events or packed bars into a group benefit.

On a more serious note, the shot flask is a wonderful item to use when commemorating a loved one or celebrating a serious life event with someone close to you. If that’s not for you, you could just use the little glass to class up the drinking.

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The Flask For The Man About Town: Business Booze (Hard to find these days)

          Wallet Flask

The flask may only hold a quarter of the average flask, containing 2 oz of booze within this wonderfully designed wallet/flask hybrid. If you are the man about town, the serial entrepreneur or big exec. Pulling 80 hour weeks, this may be the flask for you.

With no time to attend parties or gallivant around town hitting bars, the wallet-flask may be your salvation. This ultra-portable one inch thick flask slides effortlessly into the wallet allowing speed of access (an important attribute to have in dire situations) as well carrying your cash and cards.

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The Fashionista’s Flask: Misc Goods Black Ceramic Flask ($98)

                     Misc Goods Black Ceramic Flask

In my opinion this is the Mona Lisa of hip flasks; beautifully crafted, ultra-simple, weirdly mesmerising and ultimately more money than you would have expected. This American-made flask is so simply designed in black ceramic that is quite appealing to the modern man.

Some may argue that this leather strapped and cork-topped flask moves away from the suave and chic designs of classic flasks and more towards the fake glasses wearing hipster. However, all I can rebut is that clean and beautiful design stands this beverage vessel apart from the rest.

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The Flask For The Fun Guy: Ping Pong Paddle Flask ($20)

                Ping Pong Paddle Flask

This item is perfect for the beach boozer who wants to remain discreet about his alcoholic consumption, as well as the college student who is pre-gaming on a whole new level. Not a flask for portability across all events, but wonderful for summer trips to the beach and fun games at your fraternity party.

After, or during your drinking, you can play a spirited game of ping pong with the flask itself. Just don’t blame the flask when you lose, although it is probably the boozes fault.

Why not use the booze-filled paddle as part of the game, taking a sip when you concede a point or lose a game. This is without a doubt the most fun flask here, just not the most practical in everyday life.

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The Flask For The Older Gent: Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask ($70)

                                 Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask

For the older gentleman, the brandy-cane. Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you can’t have some flask fun. This hilarious but strangely attractive option for a flask shows you that the flask market is truly wide.

The next time your grandma or grandpa has a birthday you know exactly what to get them. You could always get one for yourself and have an unusual, yet practical, pimp stick.

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There you have it, the best 10 hip flasks in the game. From classic groomsman gifts to the party cane, you’ve now got a plethora of options for your flask. Some final advice for choosing your own flask would be to seriously think about the size of the flask and what you wear the most frequently.

If you rarely wear a jacket or coat, the 8 oz flasks probably aren’t for you. Prudently, chose the flask that fits your daily life.

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Written by Terrence Kennedy

Terrence Kennedy is the man’s man on a journey to self-discovery. A traveler, extreme sports aficionado, an observant wanderer, a DIY-Know-How, an ultimate outsider and a documentarist of culture, sex, dating, relationship, fashion, style and gentleman's etiquette. He has learned a lot through his escapades, and is happy to pass that knowledge on to you.