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How to Keep Cigars Fresh

For most people, cigars are a luxury investment that you have to keep in the best state in order to preserve the quality. This is why it is vital to keep them fresh so you can enjoy the rich flavors and aroma when the time comes.

How to Keep Cigars Fresh

If you are a beginner to smoking cigars and are looking for ways to keep premium cigars fresh, this article will guide you through that. Read on to learn different ways to store cigars and keep them fresh. 

Use a Humidor to Maintain Favorable Storage Conditions

The ideal conditions for storing cigars are 70% humidity and a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. A humidor helps to maintain these conditions all through to keep your cigars stay fresh and crisp. 

Humidors are designed to mimic the conditions that cigars are made in, keeping them in the best condition. The best thing is to adjust the conditions by adding necessary moisture or removing any excess to maintain favorable conditions for cigars to retain their aroma and flavors. 

Make Use of Hygrometers and Humidistats

These two cigar accessories are inexpensive yet helpful in keeping your cigars’ conditions on par. A humidistat is a small humidifier that operates without electricity to track the humidity. Most models are designed to maintain a relative humidity of 70%, ideal for cigars. 

A hygrometer shows the humidity levels of the storage solution you choose for your cigars. These come in both analog and digital versions, with the latter being much easier to use and more reliable for maintaining optimal conditions. 

Storing Cigars Without a Humidor

Storing cigars in the humidor is an ideal way of maintaining their freshness; however, some instances call for other storage methods. If you have an opened pack of cigars, you can store them in a Ziploc bag or a sealed container to preserve the moisture. 

You could also use a clean sponge, saturate it with water, then add it to your opened pack of cigars to introduce moisture and enhance the conditions. This can work well while on the go, and it is an inexpensive and convenient way of keeping your cigars fresh. 

Another way of storing cigars without a humidor is using a DIY tupperdor. You can get a Tupperware container and create a favorable environment for your cigars. With a hygrometer, you can monitor the humidity levels to keep the cigars fresh for a long time. 

Restoring Dried Out Cigars

Sometimes, the conditions may be too extreme, resulting in the cigars drying out. In this case, you can restore them to freshness by adding moisture gradually. You can use a humidor to store the cigars, which will help build up moisture levels and restore freshness. 

The best way of keeping your cigars fresh is by storing them appropriately from the starts to ensure they are in the right set of conditions. As long as you monitor the temperatures and the humidity, your cigars will most likely stay fresh, retaining the aroma and flavor over time. The methods above are all useful; however, the effectiveness of each depends on how well you implement these tips.

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