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Why Sapphire Engagement Rings Are a Wise Choice

Recently, unique engagement ring styles have become more popular. The term “out of the box” refers to the recent trend away from diamonds and toward other precious stones like opals, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc. Every jewel you can imagine is probably the focal point of engagement rings

Many wonder whether an engagement ring set with a gemstone is preferable to a diamond. We’ll be highlighting the good aspects of a sapphire engagement ring and highlighting the beauty of a sapphire band.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

What do sapphire rings mean?

An engagement ring set with a sapphire symbolizes the wearer’s honesty, sincerity, and loyalty. Additionally, it is thought that it will bring good fortune to the marriage and continue to be robust and healthy. One of the reasons sapphires are so revered for use in engagement rings is because of the exquisite symbolism and meanings associated with them.

According to a local myth, sapphires represent not just intelligence but also nobility and good fortune. For the occasion of their engagement, Prince Charles presented Lady Diana Spencer with a sapphire and diamond ring.

A magnificent ring, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, comprises sapphire in the center and a halo of diamonds around it. Sapphires are always associated with monarchy and romance. Throughout royal history, they have been regarded as a sign of holiness.

Why sapphire engagement rings?

Are you thinking of proposing to your lover a ring that has a sapphire? Of course, sapphires are a wonderful option for an engagement ring, even though most engaged couples choose diamonds instead. 

Here are some reasons why sapphire engagement rings are a wonderful alternative to diamond engagement rings:

They are Unique

Diamonds are the most popular to be set in engagement rings. Therefore, you have quickly differentiated yourself from the rest of the crowd by opting for a sapphire instead. However, the one-of-a-kind quality of your sapphire engagement ring extends well beyond the fact that you don’t see many other rings like it. 

Sapphires are available in a diverse palette of hues, and each stone has a distinct character. Generally, sapphires can be any shade of blue, from faintly purple to teal, and they can be warm or cold, saturated or transparent. 

They are the Royal Tradition

The blue sapphire engagement ring with 18 carats worth of sapphires that Prince Charles presented to Princess Diana is widely considered the most famous engagement ring in the world. And it was something that Prince William bestowed on Kate Middleton. 

Napoleon’s engagement ring to Empress Josephine was a sapphire, so wearing one is considered a royal custom. And sapphires come in various colors; Princess Eugenie’s ring has a pinkish-orange padparadscha sapphire. Choosing a blue sapphire isn’t only unusual; it’s royal.

They are Affordable

The price per carat of sapphire is lower than diamonds, even though it has all of the same qualities as a diamond, including its beauty, tradition, meaning, and enduring beauty. You may get a bigger sapphire for the same cost, which gives you more choice in terms of design. Additionally, you may either choose to be delicate or massive and spectacular. 

Pick a common color or one that is out of the ordinary. You might go for one that is unique. Also, you may have greater dreams while still staying within your financial means when you get a sapphire for your engagement ring. Take a look at a beautiful collection of sapphire engagement rings. You will certainly be persuaded that a sapphire ring is the most suitable option for your upcoming nuptials.

They have a Regal Legacy

Because of their long association with affluence and power, sapphires are sometimes referred to as royal gemstones. Since ancient times, kings and queens have been seen wearing sapphires. Ancient Greek and Roman royalty thought that sapphires offered protection against harm and envy to whoever wore them. 

The practice of wearing sapphires by royals lasted throughout the centuries and into the contemporary period, which takes people to one of the most well-known pieces of royal jewelry in history.

Additionally, the now-iconic sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring worn by Princess Diana was instrumental in bringing sapphire jewelry into the contemporary day. When it was first introduced in 1981, her ring started a desire for sapphire engagement rings. Then when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in 2010 with the same exquisite ring, the love was reignited again.


One characteristic that sets apart the vast majority of sapphire engagement rings is the use of both time-honored design elements and cutting-edge production methods. Because of this characteristic, sapphire engagement rings have become finely crafted works of art that are genuinely priceless masterpieces.

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Written by Mark Greene

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