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Top 5 Best Soaps For Men – For All Different Skin Types

Most modern men know that soap is good, but most of us buy any old soap form the supermarket. This is a good first step, but it’s now time to educate yourself on what soap is right for you.

The problem with just buying generic soap is that it can dry your skin, causing it crack and become sore, as well as this, choosing a soap bar which is tailored to your needs will give your skin a new lease of life, setting you apart from other men.

Soap bars come in all shapes and sizes and most importantly compositions; some contain lavender some are unscented, some contain exfoliating ingredients. But which one is right for you?

If you have been neglecting this modern man’s essential, it’s time to take action and give your skin the boost it needs.

Before we get to the breakdown of what soap is right for you, it is important to note that not all soap is made equal. Depending on your skin type certain brands and ingredient combinations will work better for you.

Best Soaps For Men

Why should you buy a soap bar for men?

The obvious answer is because it keeps you clean, but what I mean is why buy a bar which is specially designed just for men? ​Why not just use the same one as women?

The reason you shouldn’t buy the same soap as the fairer sex is because their skin is different to ours. Men and women among the myriad other differences have different skin and thus other requirements in a soap.

Now we as men know that women can be hormonal, but did you know that is in fact our own hormones which cause the differences in our soap needs?

The hormones known as androgens, of which the most notable is testosterone, work to thicken men’s skin as well as increase the volume of oil secretion, meaning a higher likelihood of spots.

With these differences and many more it is easy to see a disparity between women’s skin and men’s. It is for this reason that we males need a particular and specially produced soap to help control our extra oils.

There are, of course, other reasons a proper soap bar can be recommended as a part of your skincare regiment:

Getting rid of dead skin – Dead skin cells will dry and flake and increase the chances of acne.

That morning fresh feeling– Sleep has the effect of making us feel grungy and kind of gross, so it’s paramount to give yourself a wake up.

Restoration – Men’s skin goes through a lot of wear and tear, it’s a good idea to look for soap which can help keep the post shave inflammation down and help repair the irritated skins cells.

How to choose the best bar soap:

Ingredients are key

You should look for those helpful ingredients which will be beneficial for your skin, like aloe Vera or other restorative ingredients. Make sure to stay away from anything which has alcohol in it as this will dry your skin.

Experiment with a range of products

Experimentation will be essential to finding the right bar of soap. You may be rugged and tough, but you skin is more sensitive than you think, give it some help by finding which soap works best.

Choose a soap which is lifestyle appropriate

By this I mean you should choose one which helps you fight the day to day issues which are unavoidable. If you work in the elements, don’t get a soap which will dry your skin too much, opt for a moisturising soap.

A Collection of the Best Soaps for Men

Best Soap Bars for Dry and Normal Men Skin

Union Made CNG Bar Soap

Union Made CNG Bar Soap

Union are renowned for their innovation and high quality products and this CNG soap is no different. This ¾ of pound soap certainly doesn’t lack size, or style. It works to restore the natural balance of oil in your skin, while at the same time leaving you with a woody musk with hints of black pepper and violet. However, due to its’ significant size and the slippery quality ubiquitous with soap it can be difficult to hold.

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L’Occitane KARITE Shea Butter Milk Soap

Or if you would prefer a more directly skin-nourishing bar of soap, one which can strongly fight dry skin why not try out this shea butter infused bar from L’Occitane.

Best Soap Bars Men

While the brand is notoriously girly and the soap isn’t exactly the picture of rugged, the soap remains one of the best moisturising soap out there. If you have a girlfriend you will no doubt have seen that nearly every moisturiser she owns has shea butter in it. This is for a reason; it works! One of the most commented reasons this soap garners such acclaim is that it is gentle and not an assault on the olfactory system. It’s actually gentle enough to be used by babies. If you are going to grab this great soap maybe put in an extra manly bag to help with the pink.

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Best Anti-bacterial Soap

Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar

Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar

No one likes bacteria all over there face, and for good reason. Bacteria can lead to infections, colds, general illness and other issues. With all this in mind it’s no surprise that there are soaps specifically designed to help you fight those pesky germs. Cetaphil’s Antibacterial soap bar comes out above the rest both in terms of its germicidal abilities and its freshness.

Cetaphil is the top choice for people hoping to ward of the microbes. Its neutral pH formulations leave no irritating excess and are non-comedogenic, meaning that they won’t cause pore blockage and lead to blackheads. The only issue with Cetaphil’s particular version of soap is that it can be too weak and gentle for some. For an added bonus, it is also pretty cheap, starting at only $9.

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Exfoliating Soap

Every Man Jack Citrus Scrub Men’s Soap Bar

When it comes to men’s skin, one of the most overlooked practices is exfoliation. While exfoliating may not seem too manly, it is essential to maintain healthy looking skin. One of main reasons women’s skin looks so much better than men’s is exfoliation. Using an exfoliating soap will rid your skin from the dead surface level epithelial cells which can clog you pores, and give you dull, lack-lustre look.

Our recommended exfoliating soap is Every Man Jack. This soap is infused with wheat bran for natural exfoliation. However, some have raised the issue that it is a little too rough. Every Man Jack’s vegetable based soap may be a little rough, but its shea butter and organic aloe hydrate work to counteract any irritation. Price: $5.00

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If you’d rather use a slightly more expensive brand then consider Jack Black’s Body Bar Scrubbing Soap

Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap with Blue Lotus & Lava Rock


Jack Black’s Natural Lava Rock softly graces skin, leaving it more supple and smooth than before. The rather diverse ingredients; consisting of blue lotus, gingko biloba stimulate the receptors within the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed. This alongside the inclusion of shea butter and murumuru butter leave the skin softer and silkier than before.

Price: $15

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