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Improve Your Appearance By Practicing These Skin Care Tips At Home

Improve Your Appearance

The standard of beauty and cleanliness has improved in ways that it’s more than just women who should practice taking care of their skin. There is no better time to disprove the myth that men do not care much about how their skin would appear. Realistically speaking, most men desire a glowing, model-like skin.

Skin Care Tips

Just like how most women aim for bright and healthy skin, men also share the same sentiments. Most males would want to make their skin look good, which could be daunting for some. Fortunately, there are achievable skincare habits for men that could bring out the best of your skin inside the comfort of your own home. Here are some skincare tips that would improve your appearance. 


The easiest and fastest skincare practice you can do is hydration. Each day, men should at least drink 10 cups of water or more. Drinking water flushes out toxins of your body. This, in turn, gives a glowing, healthy-looking male skin. 

Additionally, top male skincare brands like Anoque also approve of this skincare advice, aside from selling men’s skincare products, they also share simple skincare tips, which includes proper hydration!

Frozen Spoons 

This might sound off, but this is effective enough to be a skincare tip. Placing a frozen teaspoon in your eyes for a while will remove your under-eye bags and make you feel more awake. Regardless of how inadequate your sleep was, you will always look like you’ve rested well should you do this simple trick.


Moisturizers work best on your skin regardless of gender. Even if you’re not going outside, continuous use of moisturizers reduces skin inflammation and strengthens the topmost layer of your skin. Additionally, moisturizers with antioxidants prevent your skin from aging. 

Long, Warm Shower Time 

When it comes to morning routines, men have it easier and faster to finish than women. Most guys finish their morning routines for a good ten to fifteen-minute average, which is an excellent opportunity to add an extra step to your already short routine. 

By merely taking regular showers with warm water, it is enough to boost your appearance and look fresh. Be reminded that it has to be warm water and not too hot since hot water could potentially damage your skin and hair by making them dry and flaky after taking a bath. 

Use Cleansers Instead Of Soaps

You may think that the best way to improve your look is by lathering yourself with soap during a shower. While soaps wash off dirt and make you look cleaner, they are doing their job too well. 

Soaps are generally great products to clean yourself. When they remove dirt and oils, they are actually including healthy oils that promote healthy skin—leaving you flaky and dry, especially for men who can get aggravated effects if they are sensitive to soap products. 

A good alternative for soaps is mild cleaners. Cleaners are milder variations of skincare products which do not remove natural oils from your body. While oilier men may have to be more patient in applying cleaners, the results are satisfactory and leave your skin looking healthy.

Lessen Your Sugar Intake

This might be quite tricky to practice for some, but getting too much sugar on your system is known to cause acne and breakouts. And sugar is not the only thing to worry about. 

For example, any high-glycemic meals are converted to high amounts of glucose on your body. In turn, this could cause faster production of free radicals, which causes inflammation on your body.

Exfoliate Weekly 

Your body continually sheds off dead skin, and they tend to cause breakouts and clog pores. Exfoliating, using a face scrub for men helps remove dead skin cells to avoid pimples and encourages healthy and youthful-looking skin. 

Keep in mind that the best time to exfoliate is twice a week, overdoing it may cause dryness and acne. The same exfoliation routine goes for men with slightly oilier skin types. 

Control Your Stress 

Stress affects your skin, and the more stress you regularly have, the more breakouts and acne you will encounter. Stress produces cortisol, which is responsible for getting your skin oilier and weakens your skin against acne. 

It has shown that male students studying on tests or people under constant stress experience more breakouts than others. To reduce this, practice yoga and meditation, this further improves your protection against breakouts and enhances your already practiced skincare routine. 


Taking care of your skin is a testament to how you care for yourself. Improving your appearance using these easy-to-practice tips would not only improve your skincare routine but also makes you productive, more pleasant to look at, and ultimately experience a better quality of life with confidence.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.