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Finding the Best Shaving Brushes & Why You Should Have Them

It’s time we knew which are the most reliable and suitable shaving brushes to own. Talk of moderate weight to medium knot size, boar hair to badger hair, horse hair to synthetic bristles, all these are different types of brushes available in the market today.

best shaving brushes

It depends on your preference when it comes to the size and shape of a brush, and whether it lathers according to your set expectations. Every man has his own goals and set standards when it comes to grooming. It would therefore be important to choose wisely because a good shaving brush can do wonders you never thought of.

A nice shave from the best shaving brush is one sure way to start your day and achieve a whole new experience. Real men raise the bar when it comes to shaving. A good shave gives you confidence and boosts how you look. As a man of high standards, grooming matters a lot to you and the guys you interact with. A good shave will always make you comfortable and sure of the next move. You need to know the different brushes that can get you going in-terms of quality shave and service given.

"A nice shave from the best shaving brush is one sure way to start your day and achieve a whole new experience."

You need to get the exact value for your money whenever you purchase a shaving brush. There are different varieties out there by name, brand and manufacturer, and this could be the reason why these brushes have different ratings from people who have already used them.

Get the best today and you shall have a guaranteed great new look. So if you are this sort of a man who wants to shine from top-down and be confident to attend any event then you have to be perfect in choosing the right brush. Don’t worry because as you read on you’ll be able to know the best fit for you.

So what exactly are the components of a typical shaving brush according to the info gathered through detailed research, reviews and experience?

Typical Features of the Best Shaving Brush

- A good shaving brush MUST always have dense and well spaced bristles that can give a warm and luxurious lather for a better shave.

- Always consider the size and shape of your brush because these two factors will always be used to weigh out the best brush. The handle should be sizeable enough to allow you use it comfortably. When purchasing a shaving brush you should be able to take home a brush which forms a good lather and also consider its longevity. Years of service is also a consideration when buying a shaving brush.

- Is it made from synthetic material or boar or badger hair? How can you determine this? Amazon is the best place to find out what you need. The reviews on different products are there to aid your decision making.

As a classy man, you should always work to maintain your status and make it permanent. Be a man who understands the shaving brush which suits your standards. The difference between a good and a bad shaving brush is obviously huge, and any man who cares for his beards should be able to notice that.

The best investment any man around the world can do for himself and the whole fraternity of men in-terms of grooming is by getting the best shaving brush in the market and considering the fact that it actually forms part of your life in-terms of status.

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Different Types of Shaving Brush

Badger Brushes

With an average rating of at least 4.5 in Amazon, these brushes made from pure badger hair are some of the finest shaving brushes currently in the market.

Badger brushes come in varieties depending on your preference. You can find silvertip, pure and super badger brushes. Amazon reviews greatly support the service offered by badger hair brushes.

Silvertip badger

It’s the most expensive type of badger brush available in the market today. It’s always the most luxurious of all the shaving brushes available in the market today.

People who have used this type of badger brush say that it’s truly the most luxurious of all. Good water retention and soft all the way to make your shaving a memorable thing.

Super Badger

Its pricing in the market is slightly average. It’s second to silvertip badger. The difference is easily noticeable but for new people it can be tricky noticing the difference. Its water retention is better than many brushes in the market today.

Pure Badger

This is the lowest type of all badger brushes available in the market. It ranks below the other types of badger brushes because of its quality. Its bristles are normally harder compared to the other types. It can also break and wear-out easily. Its bristles are darker than the other badger brushes.

Synthetic Brushes

For the fans who prefer synthetic stuff. Synthetic brushes have gained popularity in the recent years and many people prefer using them in shaving than the other brushes.

Their performance is almost the same as the other high quality brushes and they are not as expensive as some brushes like the silvertip badger brush.

While natural hair can get damaged very easily when exposed to hot water, synthetic brushes withstand such conditions hence they can serve you for a very long time. Despite being very strong and firm, synthetic brushes have a very low capacity to retain water.

Boar Hair Brushes

Anyone who is a beginner in using shaving brushes can start with boar hair brushes and have a feel of their natural bristle.

Although they are not comparable to the badger hair brushes, boar hair brushes come handy when looking for a brush that can serve you for years without getting disappointed.

They do not lather well compared to badger hair brushes. Commonly used by shaving soap enthusiasts.

Horse Hair Brushes

Horse hair brushes are not so common in the market and are very rare to find. They are affordable and any man who prefers performance and good service can go for them.

Unlike other hair brushes which have hair from slaughtered boars and badgers, horse hair brushes are normally obtained from the tail and horse mane.

Let’s now rank these shaving brushes according to the reviews from different users across the globe and find out which is the best shaving brush to use.

The Best Shaving Brushes Out There

Omega Pro48

                   omega pro 48

Anyone who uses Omega 48 Pro brush always feels like the shaving was done by a professional who has vast experience in shaving. The best brush to help any dead skin to shed off and feel more refreshed.


  • Long lasting

  • Holding it is so easy

  • Soft boar bristles shaving pleasure.

  • Low price hence affordable.

  • One of the few brushes with good exfoliation.


  • Does not lather easily compared to other hair brushes like badger hair brushes.

  • Its breaking period is quite long

This Italian made hair brush is an old friend to many people around the world.

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Edwin Jagger Badger Brush

                    Edwin Jagger Travel Shaving Brush

Not so expensive compared to a shaving such as silvertip badger. It’s always comfortable to use. It forms lather so well for easy shaving. This one gives you the real value for your money. It’s not so heavy hence a good fit to use comfortably. Edwin Jagger Badger brush can also serve anyone no matter the shaving level. Get yourself this type of brush and experience that new and good feeling.


  • So rich in lather

  • Durable


  • It has rough bristles

This brush also comes with a stand unlike other brushes. Its reputation and popularity cannot be matched with any other type of brush.

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Perfecto Badger Shaving Brush

               Perfecto Badger Shaving Brush

As its name suggests, this badger shaving brush gives you the perfect shave to keep you going. It comes with a wooden shinny handle which is easy and comfortable to hold. You should never be worried about the bristles because they are firmly held inside the handle to achieve the best shave.


  • Creates a thick lather easily

  • Cleans out fast

  • Stiff but soft bristles to help you achieve a nice shave.

  • Easy to hold handle


  • Has an initial animal smell though this disappears after sometime.

This badger is preferred by many due to its ability to glide on the skin while holding it comfortably.

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House of Saxon Shaving Brush

                 House of Saxon Shaving Brush

This type of shaving brush is made of pure badger hair with no synthetic fiber. Its packaging alone lets you know that it’s not an ordinary shaving brush. This shaving brush has never had any negative review. It represents class. As a man of class you need to identify yourself with this type of shaving brush.


  • Lathers well

  • Smooth

  • Holds enough water

  • Not heavy

  • Durable


  • Has animal smell which can disappear after a few days
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Proraso Shaving Brush

                                   Proraso Shaving Brush

This brush is made of boar hair and it is not as expensive as other brushes currently in the market. Its handle is made of plastic and the bristles are embedded strongly inside the handle. Although not compared to other shaving brushes in-terms of quality, this shaving brush can lather so perfectly and retain enough water.


  • Lathers well

  • Durable

  • High water retention


  • Its stiff bristles don’t give the best shaving pleasure.

Everyone has his preference when it comes to choosing a shaving brush and that is the reason why some people find its bristles to be stiff while others say that the bristles are actually soft and easy to use.

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Escali Badger Shaving Brush

        Escali Shaving Brush

It is made of 100% badger hair and it comes in a wooden handle with bristles firmly held inside. Reviews on this brush indicate how it easily exfoliates the skin for a nice shave. It is also good for anyone who is not ready to spend a lot in buying a shaving brush.


  • Easy to handle

  • Lathers so well

  • Exfoliates skin
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Latherwhip Shaving Brush

                      latherwip shaving brush

Talk of elegance and get it in a finely made Latherwhip shaving brush made from pure badger hair. It has the best balance of all the other shaving brushes available. It comes with a nice looking gift box just for you. It’s one of the few handmade brushes in the market hence its nice shape and size. Those who have already used this finely handmade shaving brush say it creates a rich lather for shaving and it’s gentle to the skin.


  • Strong and firm

  • Lathers well on the skin

  • Smooth and easy on the skin

  • Soft and thick bristles

  • Very attractive


  • Has animal smell

This is one of the most attractive shaving brushes according to many reviews. Some even fell for it due to its elegance and ceased using other types of shaving brushes.

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If luxury is your thing, then you probably know the different crème de la crème types of shaving brushes available for you. You can go for the classy silvertip or the elegant house of saxon.

You’ve got so many options to choose from. Everyone is covered when it comes to best shaving brushes. If you are on a budget there is proraso for you or escali badger hair brush.

Well wishes to you as you look for the best shaving brush out there to give you that whole new look.

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