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Shaving Tips for Treating Nicks and Cuts

When you’re dragging a blade across your face, some damage is inevitable.

You might not cut yourself every time you shave, but if you are shaving every day, you might cut yourself a few times during a month.

​The traditional solution for men around the globe: a small piece of toilet paper!

shaving tips

Sure, this is a great quick-fix, but the plan crumbles when you shake hands with the new client and wonder why they look at you funny, only to realize it’s the piece of toilet paper still stuck on your chin!

How to Treat Nicks and Cuts from Shaving​

What To Do If You Have a Really Deep Cut

First, the worst case scenario, when you have blood gushing and running down your cheek. It’s funny how a small cut on your face can make it look like you’ve sliced open an artery. Your face is very vascular near the surface.

Firstly, you need to apply firm pressure over the cut. Now you are allowed to use a piece of toilet paper or a tissue.

Press down and hold for at least five minutes. If the bleeding stops, you can clean the cut with an antiseptic like hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection. You should put a band-aid over the cut if it’s quite severe.

If step one doesn’t stop the bleeding, pinch and hold the area. Use your thumb and index finger to stop the blood flow. T

his should help close the blood vessels quicker. Follow the same steps as mentioned above to disinfect the cut afterward and close it with a band aid.

If you’re still unable to stop the bleeding, apply pressure directly above and below the cut. Use two hands to increase the pressure.

If you’re still bleeding after all these methods, you have to go to the emergency room. You should be able to stop the bleeding within ten minutes or so.​

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Home Remedies for Shaving Accidents

For the less severe nicks and cuts, you can try one of the following DIY remedies.

They work a little bit better than just sticking toilet paper on your face and you don’t have to worry about removing the unsightly patch.

Cold Water​

The colder the water, the better. This will help constrict the blood vessels. An even better way to quickly deal with the nicks, is to rub an ice cube on the injured spot.

This should be your first go-to solution. Make sure you apply a good aftershave with an antiseptic agent in it afterward.


It was used as a surgical antiseptic to clean battlefield wounds in WW1, so it makes sense that it’s strong enough to deal with a little scrape on your cheek.

Just remember that it will have the same stinging sensation as the deodorant. You can also use it to deal with skin rashes.

Lip balm

Not just useful for making your lips supple! The waxy texture seals the cut and helps your blood to clot quicker.

Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)

This has the same effect as the lip balm. It does look quite a bit more obvious on your face, so remember to wipe it off before that big meeting.

Products Specially Made for Shaving Cuts

There are a variety of products out there that are specially made for treating small shaving cuts.

While the way in which they are applied differs, the active ingredient in all of these products is an astringent.

Astringents constrict the skin tissue, clotting the blood and constricting the blood vessels.


This remedy has been around since your grandpa started shaving. It’s a small stick made of a combination of various mineral astringents such as titanium dioxide, aluminum sulfate, anhydrous and potassium alum.

All you have to do is wet the tip and press it against the cut for a few seconds.

Brace yourself for the sting, but it’s worth it to quickly and effortlessly stop the bleeding. Remember to rinse the white, powdery residue off afterward.


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It’s a soap bar block of potassium alum.

Wet the edge and rub it against your face.

What’s nice about this one, is that you can use it as an antiseptic for your whole face instead of just spot-treatment.

If you’re switching to a straight razor you should probably consider this one, seeing as the first few times you will have multiple nicks all over your face.


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Same concept as a Styptic Pencil, but this one works as a roll on.

You’re guaranteed that you don’t waste the product by adding too much water. And you won’t have to deal with the powdery residue.


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This is a very hygienic and cost effective one-time use. Easy to use – break a stick, apply water, dab and throw away.

A normal styptic pencil can become a bit gross if you don’t let it dry properly, so these one-time mini “pencils” are a nice alternative to this problem.


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Tips To Not Cut Yourself While Shaving

As the cliché saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If you’ve been shaving for a few years, you’re probably pretty good at it by now. But, it always helps to know a few tricks to make things easier.

Know the Value of Pre-shave Preparation

Firstly you need a good skincare regimen. This includes selecting good products. Find a face wash with Salicylic acid to help kill bacteria. If you’re not using an all in one product, buy an exfoliator and use it at least twice a week.

Shave straight after a hot shower or heat up your face with a hot towel to soften the hairs. Consider purchasing a pre-shave oil to help soften the hairs even more.

Don't Skimp on the Shave Cream or Soap

But, it always helps to know a few tricks to make things easier.

Pick a Good Razor

Again not something you want to skimp on. Try a razor with multiple blades and a soft, flexible neck. But if your skin is on the sensitive side, rather use a single blade or traditional safety razor.

Maintain Your Blade

The blunter the blade, the more likely you are to cut yourself. A handy trick, you can sharpen your multi-blade razor on an old pair of jeans. Soak the head in alcohol to kill off bacteria and prevent it from rusting.

Refine Your Shaving Technique

Try using short, gentle strokes. The weight of the razor will do the hard work for you. With longer strokes, you tend to put more pressure on the razor, which will probably cause you to cut yourself. Always reapply shave cream or soap if you want to go over the same spot twice.

Upgrade Your Aftershave

Try to steer clear of alcohol-based splashes. They will definitely kill the bacteria, but they will dry out your skin. Try hydrating lotion with one of the following alternative astringents: witch hazel, allantoin, Aloe Vera, willow bark, Rosemary or tea tree oil.

Shave well, shave safe.

Hopefully, you’re a pro shaver and these are only safety precautions that you can keep in the back of your mind.

Any tricks you’ve discovered to minimize nicks and cuts? Tell us below in the comments!

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