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Wet Shaving Benefits

Stop wasting your money on the typical multi-blade cartridge razors. Over the last couple years, many guys have made the switch to the more traditional style known as wet shaving. So, while you may have just noticed safety razors popping up in your super market, this is not a new style of razor. In fact, they have been around for over 100 years. Keep reading to see why making the switch could be right for you.

wet shaving benefits

Wet Shaving Benefits


Of the many benefits, first and foremost, wet shaving is enjoyable. Shaving no longer becomes a chore. Many guys look forward to their new shaving routine which is definitely a little more of a process.

You will need to plan on spending a few extra minutes in the morning for your shave then what you are used to. Don’t worry though, there are several reasons to get excited for it, which brings us to our next section.


One of the reasons it takes a few extra minutes in the morning to shave is because most guys tend to look for better, more natural shaving creams. You can definitely still use a typical aerosol can if you prefer, but why would you?

They are filled with chemicals. Most of the soaps you will find when searching wet shaving are more natural and contain mostly water and other ingredients you can pronounce.

These soaps come in the form of a hard puck or a cream which require you to whip your own lather. Whipping up a fresh lather is not difficult but this is where the time factor comes into play. You will want to start with a nice shaving brush.

Most shaving brushes are made from badger hair, boar bristle or synthetic fibers. The brushes need to “hydrate” by soaking in hot water for a few minutes before use.

After you have loaded your brush with soap you can lather it straight on your face for a relaxing, exfoliating massage. This also helps lift your beard hairs up in preparation for the shave. Between the razors, blades, brushes, mugs, soaps and creams, there are many different accessories for your to try to find your perfect shave.

Less Irritation

One of the most important reasons guys love to wet shave is it tends to cause less irritation. Multi-blade razors by design cause razor burn.

 You can also use a pre-shave oil for even extra lubrication. This helps reduce irritation by helping your blade slide smoothly over your skin without jumping around.

They are too good at cutting hair, in fact. The first blade or two pulls up on your hair while the last couple cut the hair below the skin surface.

This allows the hair to be cut under your skin which causes razor bumps when it grows back into your skin with a sharp edge.

With a safety razor or a straight razor, you have only one single edge which gives you more control over your shave.

You can simply do one pass with the grain if you have sensitive skin which will give you the look of a close shave but not cut so close as to cause irritation.

If you desire a closer shave, some men will perform up to 3 passes. A second across the grain and a third against the grain.

You can also play with different razor and blade combinations to affect your shave. Safety razors are judged on their level of aggressiveness which is determined by how much of the blade is exposed.

Razor blades are graded as either sharp or smooth. So, if you have a mild razor you can insert a sharper blade to make it more aggressive or vice versa.

Better for the Environment

Have you ever thought about how much plastic packaging comes with your multi-blade cartridge razor?

The packaging itself as well as the razor and cartridges are loaded with the stuff. We all know what plastic does to the world.

The double edge razor blades are made from thin strips of stainless steel which is recyclable. They also usually come in cardboard boxes which are again, recyclable.

If you look for a more natural soap there will also be less chemicals/propellants in the air.

So, as you can see, there are several ways this style of shaving is healthier for the planet.

Less Money

Finally, if the previous reasons were not enough, who doesn’t like to save money?

That’s right, the multi-blade razors may seem inexpensive at first. However, then you end up paying $4-5 per refill that might last a week.

You can find 100 packs of double edge razor blades for around $10! Can you do the math?

Now, you will spend more on the razor itself. You can find decent razors for around $30 even though there are cheap ones for around $10 and stainless steel ones for up to almost $200.

However, in the long run paying ~$10 for almost two years worth of blades will make up for it.

If you take care of your razor it should last for several years. Of course, they can break if you drop them.

 They can also rust if you don’t keep them dry. Most are plated with high quality chrome, however, they are still not meant to stay wet for long periods of time.


Is wet shaving for everyone? Probably not.

However, there are several reason why it is trending upward. Whether you decide to get a double edge safety razor or a straight edge razor for more control, give it a solid month so it has a fair shot.

There are several resources like forums and videos online that can help you perfect your technique.

Just like with any new skill, it may take some time for you to get used to it. You certainly cannot smash and drag like with a multi-blade cartridge razor.

If you take your time and do your homework you will be fine.

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Written by Terrence Kennedy

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