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The 6 Best Beard Combs In 2024

Now is the age of the bearded man. The rugged, follicley-endowed man has risen to the top like the proverbial cream of the crop. However, the growth of the bearded-man (pun intended) comes with its own set of issues.

The ease of letting your facial fuzz grow and the absence of the hassle which is shaving every day to beat that 5 o’clock shadow is counteracted by new range of gadgets, utensils and cosmetics which the rugged man never thought he’d need.

Looking good with all that fluff comes at a price, a financial one and a temporal one. To pull off the beard properly and with real style, one now needs oils, shapers, deep moisturisers, and last but certainly not least; the beard comb.

Beard Combs

To give that glorious man fur the right look it needs to be untangled and sleek, this is where the beard comb comes in. You’re probably thinking “ok, I’ll go get any old comb”. Wrong! For full looking and luxurious beard, one needs a specified beard comb, probably more than one if we’re being honest. There’s absolutely no chance that you won’t misplace it countless times; whether it be at the gym, down the side of the sofa or at work.

With all this in mind, it is important to choose the right beard comb. In the same way in which not all beards are grown the same, not all beard combs are made the same. It is vital that your crumb-collector gets a comb which is designed for your needs.

​The Best Beard Combs You Can Buy

The All In One

Big Red Timber Kit

                         Big Red Timber Kit

This is the ideal present for yourself or anyone else who is struggling to choose which comb they need, or if you just want a comb for all occasions. The all wood comb-kit from Big Red has a range of length and thickness specific combs, allowing you to master that well-formed, full groomed look at every stage of growth. It covers all the beard bases; containing a larger heavy wide-toothed option, perfect for the thicker and more tangled beards. There is also a smaller comb which is perfect for the young beard and another similar sized comb with fine-teeth to help tame that tash. The two smaller combs are ideal for the finishing touches with beard maintenance. Big Red, being the swell chaps that they are have even house your new beard enhancers in wooden stand to match the feel of the comb set. This stand is both scuff-proof and slip-proof, meaning your combs remain as sexy you will with your new kit. 

Best Bit: You can choose the wood.

Not so good: It is rather expensive. 

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The Practical One

Limited Edition Kent 87T Folding Beard & Mustache Comb

                      Beard Combs - Kent Folding

I call it the practical one because of its ease of use and portability. I could have easily have called it the cool one as well, but a beard comb should be more about use than look. Although the fact you can open it like a flick-knife and that it is a limited edition piece makes it a pretty epic comb. This pocket sized comb allows you to be anywhere in the world, in any situation (as long as you have a pocket or a spare place tp put it), and be ready to fight the tangles. You could be in the lobby about to have an interview for your dream job, and you see in the mirror across from you, a tangle beard. Not to worry, the Kent 87T can discreetly be removed from your inside pocket to deal with this issue. Disaster averted. Kent hand makes their products and has that wonderfully British heritage about them, which really makes them stand out.

What’s Good: It is hand-crafted and discreetly accessible.

The Only Gripe: There is a slight curve to the comb, meaning that not all parts of the beard get same attention and could leave some unevenness.

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The Oddly Useful

The Beard Bro- Beard Shaping Tool for Perfect Lines & Symmetry

               The Beard Bro

This wonderful innovation from The Beard Bro allows beard fanatics to more efficiently and effectively shape their beard. The product doubles up as genuine beard comb for the day to day de-tangling, alongside its beard shaping help. What you do is line up the curved section of the tool with the type of shape you desire for your unkempt mess, and shave above the line, creating instant and distinct shape. For the more particular beard aficionados, this tool will be essential for your grooming regime. In the words of The Beard Bros themselves; it “takes the guess work out of the process and gets perfect lines every time”.

The Best Bits: The sheer innovation means that it at least gets some recognition from the bearded community. The most obvious quality is the fact that one can be more precise with their beard-sculpting.

The Not so Best Bits: The ‘one-size fits all’ concept is glaringly untrue, with some peoples’ face being longer or larger than the comb, and some small enough that it has no real benefit. Despite the images portrayal, the ease of use if something to be desired; the size and requirement for fiddly dexterity means that it can be struggle to begin with. 

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The Ethically Conscious One

Grably No.15

Beard Combs - grably-5

This comb is ideal for those of you who wish to fight the green war, and contribute to the world’s health. The eco-warriors, or eco-sympathisers, will love the fact that this rather quirky comb is made out of old vinyl records. Yes you hard that right. Vinyl. You could have the remnants of Elvis Presley’s The Rockin’ Rebel Vol III de-tangling you face-fuzz. If you are lucky. While the comb wont play you any hits, it will make you look kind of cool, both to your musically-inclined mates and to the girl you fancy who works for green peace. If you have a thicker, more robust beard, this comb is ideal for you. The wide-toothed creation will endeavour to de-tangle your mess with a little pain as possible.

The Best Bit: You may have some awesome hit record grooving through your beard.

The Draw Back: Due to the brittle nature of vinyl, it is likely that if you are too wild in your beard care then you are likely to snap one of the vinyl teeth. While all beard combs may break, vinyl will flake and cause more mess than there was before. So if you love this throwback, be careful when tugging at those tangles. 

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The Strange Skull One

OOAK Forge Bronze Beard Comb

          OOAK Forge Bronze Beard Comb

OOAK Forge Bronze Beard Comb: Yes, that is a skull, and yes, it is made out of bronze. Now we’ve got past that, let’s talk about why this comb deserves a mention. Firstly, this ghoulish creation is a handcrafted American design. Secondly, it doubles as a bottle opener, ideal for those moments when your handed a frosty one just as you are in the process of smoothing out the beard. Thirdly, due to the fact it is handmade, you can select whether you would like a coarse toothed comb or a fine-toothed comb, allowing you to tailor your comb to your facial hair needs.

The Best Bit: The skull design may be a bit love or hate, but it is daring to say the least. Plus who doesn't want a bronze comb.

The Issue: Because of its ferrous composition, it will cause some static and will pull more harshly at the tangles, giving some discomfort. 

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The Big One

The Texas Beard Co. Big Beard Comb


This one is big! These are Texan made, Cherrywood and certainly robust. This beard is ideal for you bearded men who have a face so full of fuzz it figuratively screams manliness. The big, wide teeth are designed specifically for your big beard, ensuring those knots do not stand a chance. One of the great aspects of making a comb out of Cherrywood is that it evenly distributes oils well, giving your big beard that healthy glow.

The Best Bits: being made out of wood means that there will be no static, meaning no beard frizz! No one likes beard frizz. As well as this, the comb is polished before distribution, meaning that you don’t get that friction associated with most combs, allowing a nice gliding comb.

Not so Good Bit: It is an elitist comb. By this I mean that only the beard veterans may use this, as those who are just starting out or who haven’t reach facial hair maturity will find it too large and too robust. 

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Written by Terrence Kennedy

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