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Level Up Your Coffee Game With the Exagram Scales

Ask any committed coffee aficionado and they’ll tell you how important it is to weigh out your coffee when brewing. This is particularly true for any filter or pour-over style. Coffee weight is really the key to ensuring a good brew. Even for espresso, weight is a critical factor that can impact your shots.

Wacaco Exagram Scales

The Wacaco Exagram is an excellent choice for a coffee scale. The tare function makes measuring how much coffee is in your portafilter or another brewing device a breeze. With precise measurements ranging from 0.006lbs to 4.4lbs.

The built-in timer will help you measure how long your espresso is getting extracted, so you can ensure it’s in the correct range. Then adjust other parameters until it’s just right.

For filter coffee, this is an invaluable integration, especially for brewing methods like the Chemex and V60. For these types of pour-over methods, you need to both measure how much water is being added and at specific intervals. Having both inside the Exagram scales makes it that much easier.

Wacaco Exagram Coffee Scales

If you’re really keen on espresso on the go, the Exagram pairs well with the Picopress also offered by Wacoco. Combine these two to level up your coffee game even further.

  • Compact size at just 0.28lbs and 4.9”x3”x0.9” means it won’t take up much bench space, and can be taken on the go
  • You can do very precise measurements from just 0.006lb all the way up to 4.4lbs
  • Max timer of 29 minutes and 59 seconds covers just about every type of coffee brewing method possible
  • Auto power off after 5 mins means it won’t waste battery
  • Can convert units from grams to oz if needed
  • Backlit for ease of use

Go on then, put down the scoop and stop guesstimating how much coffee you need. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how consistent and better you coffee game gets.

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Written by Mark Greene

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