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Perfect Espresso On the Go with Picopresso

We’ve all been there – you’re on the go and are craving a good coffee. But there’s either nothing around or what is available should be best described as dirt water. That’s where the Picopresso comes in. This is the most pro-oriented portable espresso machine by Wacaco.

Wacaco PicoPress Espresso Maker

The Picopresso comes with a naked portafilter, allowing you to see how your shot is being pulled and make adjustments with your tamp or grind size. Once you’ve dialled in the details, this manual espresso machine will rival any high-end machine for the coffee shots it can pull.

Now you might be thinking this would mean it’s going to be a bulky thing. Good news: the Picopresso can fit in your jacket pocket. Ideally, it’s better suited to being thrown into a bag or the car, but at 0.77lbs and 4.17” long, it’s hardly monstrous.

Two caveats worth noting are that you will need a source of hot water and ground coffee to make the Picopresso work. So it’s not a perfect solution, but with a bit of planning, you are just a few minutes away from excellent espresso even in the middle of nowhere.

PicoPress Espresso Maker On the Go
  • Tiny size means you can bring it with you anywhere
  • A perfect travel companion, requiring no electricity
  • 18 bar max pressure to rival even high quality coffee machines
  • Naked portafilter lets you easily see how your shot is being pulled in order to make any adjustments to tamping or ground size
  • Comes with a protective case so the Picopresso doesn’t get roughed up

Did we mention how the Picopresso might be your best travel companion? There’s no need to suffer through another airplane coffee, or those awful cups you get at train stations. Just whip out your Picopresso, order a hot cup of water, and get to brewing. Or enjoy a perfect espresso while out in the wilderness. The Picopresso really is that versatile.

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Written by Mark Greene

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