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Aged & Ore Duo Glasses for Ultimate Whiskey Experience

Aged & Ore glasses make drinking whiskey and spirits a premium experience. Take a look at why you should consider this hand-blown glass! If you love drinking whiskey, you surely know that every detail may affect how much you will enjoy it. After the drink itself, glass and the way of serving are crucial factors that will maximize the experience of drinking your favorite whiskey. The special Duo Glass designed by Aged & Ore makes sure that the glasses take your experience to the next level. Let’s take a look at why you should consider them.

A Premium Choice for Whiskey and Spirits

Each of the Aged & Ore glasses is hand-blown. That means the manufacturer designed each piece meticulously to ensure it meets the demands of even the most demanding whiskey lovers. Of course, there is no need to stop at whiskey because this product is a great fit for spirits, too.

Once you take this glass in your hands, the first thing you notice is that it is incredibly light. Thanks to that and its unique design, it is easy to hold and carry the glass.

The top-quality glass used guarantees that condensation will be reduced to the minimum. That means you do not need any coasters – put the glass anywhere you want and don’t worry about leaving a mark.

It Is All About the Taste

While convenience is great, it all comes down to taste for whiskey fans. The bell shape guarantees optimal ethanol aeration than nosing or low-ball glasses. Your drink will have a smooth taste, and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

You can use these glasses to serve shots and shooters, too. If you are making cocktails, the integrated lines on the glass make these perfect for measuring the doses. The product features eight lines in one-inch increments.

Silicone Ice Cubes

You didn’t have the time to chill your whiskey properly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cool drink. Each glass comes with an ice cube mold that suits the bell shape of the product. That way, you can always ensure the liquor is in touch with solid ice that will keep it cool.

There are two options available – a compact package with two glasses and ice molds, and a gift box with four glass and ice sets.

Handwashing May Improve Their Durability

Cleaning your Aged & Ore Duo Glass in a dishwasher is an option. However, if you want to maximize the longevity of the glass, the manufacturer recommends handwashing it.

It all makes sense once you check out the design of the glass. As you will see, there is an air seal between the inner and outer section of the product. A plug maintains this seal, and hot water blasts of the dishwasher may open it up. It probably won’t happen for some time, but why risk it? After all, it doesn’t take more than a minute or two to wash your glasses.

Start Drinking Your Whiskey the Way It Was Intended

Aged & Ore offers glasses that have all-around effectiveness. They look neat and eliminate the need for a coaster. The ice cube molds will keep your drink cool, and the integrated lines make the glass perfect for making cocktails. The glasses are packed in a unique box to be suitable for a gift!

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