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The Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler Creates an Aromatic Drop

Whiskey lovers rejoice, there’s a new way to enjoy and savour your favourite liquor. Experience the best drop in your Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler Version 2.0.

In many ways, it’s as though you’re still drinking the whiskey straight from the barrel. Made from a solid piece of oak, each Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler is unique. Hand selected to ensure it is solid, compact and leak resistant, this is handheld class. A throwback to when our ancestors used wooden cups, the earthy notes elevate whiskey drinking to the next level.

Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler

Key Features Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler: 

  • The design invites an aromatic and tantalisting whiskey experience. Wide hips and an expanded opening allow for greater vapor expansion.
  • If you’re after a unique gift, you have it. Each tumbler is handmade with the wood hand selected to be the best. No two have the same pattern.
  • You can savour your choice of whiskey in a tumbler finished with Refind infused honey wax. It adds another note of flavour, plus tumbler longevity.

The Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler Version 2.0 is a well-thought out evolution of the original tumbler. It has been carefully designed to strengthen the whiskey drinking experience for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

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Written by Mark Greene

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