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Everybody could wish to have a nice sleep on a superb pillowcase. A pillow determines the comfort of your head and later the body as you sleep whereby, a magnificent and soothing pillow brings you an incomparable sleep while a bad one denies you sleep. Many times, various inventions have arisen regarding the types of pillowcases but the latest one of INFUSIONZZZ from Beantown Beddings is mindboggling.


This amazingly comfortable INFUSIONZZZ pillowcase does not only assure you of sound sleep but also alleviates your headaches and hangovers, replenishes your skin, and reliefs you from cold and flu. If you are wondering how this happens, INFUSIONZZZ contains infusions from very essential oils that provide you with many benefits as you sleep on it. These infusions come in the form of scents that include Booze Snooze, Face Time, and Inhale Yeah. They provide hangover relief, clear skin, and cold and flu relief – This is a pillowcase that you would not like to miss.

As you plan to acquire your INFUSIONZZZ pillowcase, the advantage is that you are at liberty to choose the most appropriate type, that you wish to have, depending on your need. If you face sleep discomfort caused by headaches and hangovers, you will choose Booze Snooze INFUSIONZZZ that contains an infusion of peppermint and rosemary. The rosemary and peppermint infusion will ease the hangovers and headaches hence a deep sleep.

For those who wish to get perfect anti-inflammatory benefits on their skin, the Face Time INFUSIONZZZ is the best option for them. This type of pillowcase seizes the soothing properties of sea kelp that will promote clear skin. With this Face Time INFUSIONZZZ, all the toxins will be off your skin and it will have adequate hydration, which none of the pillowcases in the market can provide.

The Inhale Yeah INFUSIONZZZ is a pillowcase of its time that will keep all the cold and flu at bay. Once you acquire your Inhale Yeah INFUSIONZZZ, it will release the comforting and healing scents of methanol and eucalyptus that will make the cold and flu gone cases. Since this is common to all the people, make this INFUSIONZZZ a basic requirement for you all the time. You can attest that the INFUSIONZZZ pillowcase is more than a pillow. 

From the onset, you can see that the benefits of having INFUSIONZZZ pillowcases are endless. The use of this pillowcase is also so simple, it does not require any skill or special prior knowledge to use it. All you need to do is to choose your favorite INFUSIONZZZ pillowcase then slip it slowly on your pillow. At sleep time, rest your head on the pillow and inhale the scented oils from the available microcapsules as you sleep. Repeat this for days or weeks and dispose it into the trash or compost without any fear because the material that forms this INFUSIONZZZ pillowcase is highly compostable.

SLEEP WITH BENEFITS. Pillowcases infused with essential oils for hangover help, clear skin, and cold/flu relief. There is nothing more that you need to spice up your sleep than an INFUSIONZZZ pillowcase: get yours now.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.