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Perfectly Creamy Ice Creams & Slushies Made Easy with the Ninja CREAMi Deluxe 11-in-1 XL Ice Cream Maker

We’ve all had our experiences with ice cream makers. Whether it’s one where you freeze a bowl and then it churns or a ball-type contraption where you add ice and salt and throw it around for 10mins. In both cases, the result is far from a decent ice cream and leaves you wanting to just run down to your local store and buy a pint.

Ninja CREAMi Deluxe

That’s all changing with the Ninja CREAMi Deluxe XL. This is a versatile machine that lets you make 11 different styles of ice cream and frozen treats. You can start off with the classic ice cream or gelato. Then spice it up by creating frozen yogurt, Italian ice, and slushies (easy to make boozy margaritas at home).

The XL means you get a larger capacity. A lot of ice cream makers are simply too small to make it worth using. The Ninja CREAMi holds 3 cups in their Deluxe Pint, meaning there is enough for the entire family plus leftovers. You can also create two flavours simultaneously by adding some extra mix-ins halfway through churning. Meaning you get one flavour on top and a second on the bottom.

Home-made ice cream is a major lifesaver if you have allergies or are trying to stick to a specific diet. Simply make the necessary swaps and you can have low sugar, keto, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegan and more.

Ninja CREAMi Deluxe Ice Cream Maker
  • 11 different styles of frozen treats means this is not a niche machine that you’ll never use
  • Large 3 cup capacity so you’re not having to make new batches all the time
  • Easy to use – prep your base, freeze overnight, churn and you are ready to enjoy!
  • Special Creamify technology ensures all ice crystals are broken up and you can enjoy a super smooth creamy consistency
  • Want is smoother? Just re-spin for an extra level of creaminess

The best part is how versatile this machine is. It’s not just made for ice cream, you can do 11 different types of frozen treats. Even make drinks like a Creamiccino or a Slushi. The Slushi is a perfect base for alcoholic drinks.

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Written by Mark Greene

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