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Vacu Vin Slow Wine Pourer

Slow Wine Pourer

The Slow Wine Pourer lets you get a perfect pour of wine without losing any of the taste and aroma that comes with pouring a glass of wine. Find out more!

Slow Pourer

When I pour a glass of wine, I notice right away that I am losing some of the goods that are kept inside the bottle. The aroma flattens a little bit. When I found the Slow Wine Pourer, I found a solution to that problem.

The Slow Wine Pourer cuts down on the levels of oxygen that hits the wine when you pour it and cuts down on the aroma and taste that you can lose out on it.

Perfect Pour

Its unique design makes it the perfect pour. The wine comes out slowly and as it enters the glass, I notice the difference every time. The stainless-steel tube that goes in the bottle goes all the way to the back and guides the wine into the glass. – The stainless steel tube is to replace the poured wine with air; otherwise, the wine won’t come out of the bottle. I wouldn’t focus on that part since it is a technical solution. It’s better to focus on the difference between normal pouring and pouring with the slow wine pourer: 

When you pour a glass of wine as usual, the wine absorbs extra oxygen. This is fine for many wines because the taste of the wine opens. But this also causes that the wine loses its intensity or that it will be over-oxidated (the wine will taste like it’s open for days). The Slow Wine Pourer minimalizes oxygen contact with the wine while pouring it. This pouring technique is so unique that there is a big chance you’ve never experienced the original taste of the wine bottle. 

The tube can easily be removed to clean. It has helped me a lot, as I never knew just how much flavor and aroma I was losing out on. It gets a 4/5 from me and I highly recommend it for wine drinkers like me.

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Written by Mark Greene

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