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Grind Like a Café on the go with the Wacaco Exagrind

Every coffee aficionado knows how important a good quality grinder is to achieving the perfect brew. And you’ve likely seen out posts about the Wacaco Picopress and Exagram before. Rounding out this trio for the ultimate coffee experience on the go is the Wacaco Exagrind.

Wacaco Exagrind

The outer body is an aluminium unibody made using high-precision milling, ensuring perfect alignment for the burr grinders. A 38mm stainless steel burr grinder is under the hood of the Exagrind. Using a burr grinder ensures a very consistent grain, which is the key thing you should look for in a coffee grinder. You can adjust it with 60 different settings, meaning it’s a breeze to dial in just the perfect grain size for espresso or filter, and everything in between.

Wacaco Exagrind Coffee Grinder

Like with other Wacaco products, the Exagrind is quite portable. Coming in at 1lb and measuring 5.6” long, it’s not the smallest accessory. But for people serious about coffee on the go, or during travel, it’s a must carry item. The grinder handle comes off for storage and packing, ensuring it doesn’t stick out.

  • 33 micron burr spacing adjustment gives you total control over how fine or coarse the coffee comes out
  • 60 clicks adjustment gives a huge range for any type of coffee you can think of
  • 38mm stainless steel burrs ensure the coffee is ground consistently for that perfect brew
  • The handle comes off and attaches to the grinder for a portable option

The Exagrind is a great little gadget to invest in if you’d like to try out freshly ground beans without investing in an electric grinder. The quality of the grind is just as good as many electric machines but at a fraction of the cost and space. It doubles as the perfect travel grinder for those camping trips. Plus, it’s a nice little workout to grind the coffee.

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Written by Mark Greene

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