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Why You Should Use a Titanium Fine Grater

Titanium Fine Grater

If you ever prepared a meal yourself, the chances are you used a grater at least once. But did you know that there are different types of graters available?

Apart from the standard shredder, you can also use a fine version of this utensil. It is a device that you use when you have delicate grating needs. If you need to grate citrus zest or parmesan, this grater will be an excellent choice.

A fine shredder may not be as versatile as the “regular” one, but it can handle some specific cutting tasks. We already mentioned citrus zest and cheese, but did you know that it can also cut chocolate? Using this utensil will contribute to both the taste and aesthetics of your dish.

What Material Is the Best for a Fine Grater?

If we are talking about kitchen utensils, titanium is probably the best material you can choose. Kleb Design picked grade-5 titanium for their fine grater, and the result was an incredibly durable product. The company used CNC machines to ensure precise construction and optimal performance.

Choosing titanium as the material is proof that the manufacturer wanted to design a device that will serve users for years to come. Titanium is rust-resistant and extremely durable. It is resistant to scratches and damages, which means your grater should be fine even if you drop it on the floor. It is also vital to note that titanium is considered to be a food-safe material.

Is the Grater Easy to Use?

It shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds to learn how to use a shredder even if you have never used this utensil before. The working principle is simple, and it shouldn’t take any effort to cut the food.

You should use only utensils with an ergonomic handle that fits your preference. The fine titanium grater made by Kleb Design comes in two versions. One of them is suitable for those that are left-handed, and the other for right-handed users. As long as you choose accordingly, you will discover that you can do wonders with a single utensil.

Why Size and Weight Are Important for a Grater?

If your shredder is too heavy, you may face fatigue after using it for a while. That especially applies to professionals who use this tool frequently. But if your grater is too light, it may not be up to the task. That is why it is important to strike the right balance between usability and versatility and convenience.

The same applies to size – you don’t need to have the biggest grater out there, especially if you use it for fine food like chocolate and parmesan. Kleb Design went with one-piece construction and picked durable and thick titanium for optimal durability. It was a great choice, and a result is a tool you are comfortable to work with and a unit that delivers optimal results.

How to Clean and Store a Fine Grater

Once you finish using the grater, it is time for the cleaning process. The good news is that a fine titanium shredder is dishwasher-friendly. That means you can put it in the dishwasher, which makes the cleaning process easier.

When it comes to storing, you can keep the grater with your cutlery or any other utensils. It will fit into any drawer, but you can also use the hook at the bottom to hang the tool.

As you can see, a titanium fine grater is a product that does a lot of things right. Make sure to try it and see why it has become an integral part of many kitchens throughout the globe!

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